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There's Officially a New Name for Older Millennials

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It's rough being a millennial. We're blamed for pretty much everything, right? But older millennials are sick of being lumped in with us unicorn Frappuccino-loving scoundrels, and they've come up with a new name for themselves: Xennials. Yeah, ok, sure.

The name came from associate professor of sociology at The University of Melbourne Dan Woodman, who claims that Xennials are a mix between the optimism of millennials and the pessimism of Gen X.

“The idea is there’s this micro or in-between generation between the Gen X group – who we think of as the depressed flannelette-shirt-wearing, grunge-listening children that came after the Baby Boomers and the Millennials – who get described as optimistic, tech savvy and maybe a little bit too sure of themselves and too confident,” Woodman told Mamamia.

If you were born between 1977 and 1983 and you feel like you don't quite belong (like if you find yourself wondering, how do none of these other millennials remember the 'Star Wars' trilogy being released?!) then you're probably an Xennial. Woodman added that technology has a lot to do with this distinction:

"Around technology they do have a particular experience – we hit this social media and IT digital technology boom in our 20s. It was a particularly unique experience. You have a childhood, youth and adolescence free of having to worry about social media posts and mobile phones. It was a time when we had to organise to catch up with our friends on the weekends using the landline, and actually pick a time and a place and turn up there. Then we hit this technology revolution before we were maybe in that frazzled period of our life with kids and no time to learn anything new. We hit it where we could still adopt in a selective way the new technologies."

Ok, as a '92 millennial, I can't relate to that at all--so maybe Xennial is a name that should stay.


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Adam Field
Adam Field

Dang it, I was excited to finally have a good name for it, as I *absolutely* feel that I neither belong to the Gen X nor fully to the Millenial label. Apparently I don't qualify, though - I was born in 84. >.>

Adrienne Cain
Adrienne Cain

Same here, @Adam Field⁠. I was born in '85. My coworker and I were having a conversation earlier this week about how there's definitely a divide in the "Millennial" group.

Agree the Xennial should be between 77-88. We're the last generation to actually talk on the phone, read physical books, had 'computer lab' instead of everything being based on computers, had dial up internet (but not on a mobile device), saw the immersion of caller i.d. etc...

Definitely going to start using this term

I think '83 is an appropriate cutoff because they were approximately the last group that made it all the way through the socially formative college years without Facebook.

Finally! I was born in '83 so I kinda leaned towards GenX, although 'technically' I should be a Millennial. Maybe that's because my parents are Boomers born in the forties.
In fact, I always felt as someone in between. Being labeled a 'unicorn-loving' digital native together with the generation born twelve years after I was, just did feel right (no offense, guys).
Now, seriously, how can people who grew up watching DuckTales be in the same cohort as those who grew up watching Hey Arnold! :D

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