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The Ultimate Way to Stand Out When Job Hunting

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Here at Levo, we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest ways to help you stand out during your job search. The next big thing? Giving credit in your social profiles.

Think about it: It used to be that you’d just brag, brag, brag on your resume or LinkedIn profile—and you should brag, brag, brag in those cases, but so is everyone else! What people aren’t thinking about is other people—and showcasing yourself alongside the cream of the crop from past internships and other experiences can make you seem, dare we say it, anti-entitled. “Recognizing your peers and work colleagues is a secret weapon of the most successful professional ladder-climbers,” said Aaron McDaniel, Millennial career expert and author of The Young Professional’s Guide to the Working World. “Any way you can find to recognize the hard work and help of others who enable you to succeed will pay exponential dividends in the future.”

Enter Levo’s brand spankin’ new profile tagging feature. By simply tagging people in the different achievement cards you add to your profile (think cards highlighting your best projects, internships, or extracurriculars), you can give credit to coworkers and anyone else who has helped you achieve success. It’s also super simple to use: When you’re editing your profile, you’ll notice a bar at the bottom of each card that encourages you to “tag your people.” Click the circle with the “+” sign to get started. A window will pop up that allows you to tag people already in your Levo network—or invite others to join you! Give the people you’ve tagged a group name like “My Coworkers,” and you’re good to go.

And if you need another reason to give credit in your social profiles, consider this: Whether or not you’re job hunting, it’s a great way to keep your connections alive and well. Even just notifying a past manager about what you’re doing now could spark new conversations and lead to amazing opportunities. “Give this recognition freely and honestly, because you never know when you will next need their assistance in helping you get to the next level,” McDaniel said.

The bottom line? Gratitude really does change everything—so get tagging!

Photo: Datacraft Co Ltd / Getty Images

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