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The Story of How One of Glossier's Star Employees Got Her Job Will Inspire You in Every Way

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Emily Weiss is intimidating to say the least. As the founder of Glossier and the cultishly popular Into the Gloss blog, at the age of only 32 she has created a million beauty brand with 17 different products that speaks to women in a whole new way. Their latest funding round brought in $24 million, the largest Series B raised by a female CEO in 2016. This is why we want to call out her former assistant for getting past all this and still managing to go up and introduce herself to the already well known Weiss a few years back on the subway after she had just graduated from college. Weiss told Entrepreneur Magazine this month:

"She came up to me and said, ‘I just love Glossier,’” says Weiss. Weiss asked what the woman did for work. “She said, ‘I just graduated college, and I don’t have a job.’” As it happened, Weiss was in the market for an assistant. “Come in and interview,” she said. The woman did, and she got the job.

Already an amazing story to say the least and shows you the power of when you want to connect with someone you admire, you just do it. But wait it gets better. After a year of working for Weiss, the woman asked to work in product development. “She’s 22 and never worked in product development,” Weiss told the magazine. “But off she went to product development and helped develop four of our best-selling products, including one called Cloud Paint.”

Weiss has said over the years that part of the reason for the company's success is because she has worked hard to hire people with the right attitude and that attitude is willing to get your hands really dirty. And that attitude actually outweighs past experience on their resume.

Cloud Paint was a huge success after Weiss came up with a clever marketing campaign that involved makeup artists using it on celeb clients for the Oscars. “And I was so excited to be able to email my former assistant -- she got married and moved to Sweden, doesn’t even work here anymore -- and tell her, ‘People love Cloud Paint, those colors are really good, and you did a great job.’ And, you know, that was luck. Just a girl I met one day on the train.” The main point here is if you see someone you want to connect with or admire reach out to them whether via social media, a cold email or just politely telling them you love their work on public transportation.


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