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The Power of Imagination

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If you want to summon your dreams, then create create create. Create big. Create small. Create crazy, and silly, and kooky, and ugly. Just create.

Create because creation breeds creativity.

Create because creation is creative. And creation is active creativity.

Creativity anywhere is creativity everywhere. It is nothing like chicken and egg and everything like holographic magic.

You’ll come up with cool ideas that take your team to new heights…You’ll think on your toes when a problem arises… You’ll have more vivid day dreams that lead to a more vivid reality. If you actively choose to imagine.

Pick up the paint. Get out your markers. Get covered in icing. Doodle their name. Go crazy on fabrics. Get your hands making. Get your brain pivoting. Go outside of the box in the easy moments. They’ll translate to the small ones.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your interests are like. Your imagination is begging to be used. It’s screaming to be tapped. It wants you to drive a new route. It wants you to see silly connect-the-dot faces in the stars. It wants you to make. And try.

Lose your damn about the outcome so you can revel in the process.Tweet: Lose your damn about the outcome so you can revel in the process. @maxiemccoy

The process of tapping into your magic. The path of doing different. The journey of experience that leads you back to the sparkling jewel of your soul. Imagination.

It means not caring what it looks like. Or how good you are. It means detaching from approval and connecting to doing. Creating. Imagining.

Imagine anywhere. Anywhere it makes sense. Over a cooking pot. With a typewriter. Or a microphone and violin. An interpretive dance in your living room. Screw the work. Put up a bird to consumption. And the emails to be sent. And the laundry to be folded.

Stop taking. Taking in their energy. Reading their statuses. Viewing and comparing. Reading and wondering. Scrolling, double tapping, and liking. Give more than you take. Do that by creating, a little every day.

Create for your soul and no one else. Make love with your imagination so you can give birth to the life changing force of creativity. It’s the force of magic and the ingredient you’re missing from the ability to live from the inside out.

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