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This One Little Trick Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

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Envision your life 10 years from now.

What sights and smells surround you? Who surrounds you—a special someone, copious numbers of relatives, or perhaps little kiddos of your own? And when you find yourself enjoying some alone time, are you proud of your accomplishments, big and small? Do your daily choices fulfill you, and provide you with happiness?

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As part of a recent work exercise at lululemon, I was asked to close my eyes, focus my mind on a series of guided, explorative thoughts, and then record my internal sights on paper. After a brief period of reflection, I was able to piece together these fragments to form a vision of all of the components that shape my life at age 33.

Notice I say “shape,” and not “will shape.” There is a reason for this—a specific intention behind this choice of words. There is an innate power in words when they are spoken in a direct fashion. When we speak with affirmative language, we simultaneously hold ourselves accountable for the words we are uttering, and increase the possibility of transforming them into attainable actions.

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Here’s what I came up with:

I am the proud mother of two healthy, beautiful children, and my husband and I raise our family in a small home by the beach. Our family is quite physically active, and we take hikes together once a week. My husband and I also make time to run together, but I also enjoy going on long runs by myself. I absolutely love cooking for my kids, my husband and myself, and have made our family nutrition and well-being an absolute priority. My father lives close by, and we visit on a weekly basis. He is always invited over for dinner, and we enjoy hiking and walking together as well.

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I also have a small garden, and love harvesting fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to cook with. I love spending time here, and it is a sanctuary of sorts­–the single rose bush that I have planted is for mom.

I am excited to say that I absolutely love my career; I use my creativity on a daily basis to support my family and myself. Writing, editing and communicating within the health and wellness industry is a daily practice for me, and I feel truly blessed to work with other creative individuals who inspire me. We collaborate with words, expand our passions, and share our ideas with as many people as possible.

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In 10 years, I wake up each morning with a sense of purpose, and overwhelming gratitude. I am grateful not to be burdened by financial hardship, I am fulfilled by my work, I am madly in love with my husband and extremely proud of him, and adore my family. I feel full.

If you can dream it…

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it you can do it,” and many of us, at all ages, have spent time thinking about what we hope to accomplish as we progress through life. But what if we began to think about embodying our dreams by actively doing them–speaking about dreams as if they exist in the present, rather than what we hope they might be in the future?

Dreams should not be ignored. They should not be fuzzy memories that seem to evaporate the moment we awake from a deep sleep. Instead, they should exist as tangible, specific and measurable goals, organized and prioritized in a way that inspires us to meet them.

So I encourage you to find a quiet space, grab a pen and some paper. Approach this exercise with focus and intention, and begin to outline a 10-year vision of your life—not of what you hope it will be, but of what it actually is. And I encourage you to revisit this physical and mental space as often as you’d like. Creating goals and manifesting visions ought to be a continuous practice, adapting to the ebb and flow of your daily life, and supporting your evolving ambitions along the way.

This article was originally published on Live in the Grey.

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