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The New Rules For Getting Ahead At Work

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The old way of managing your career has been impacted by our new economy. We now have four generations in the workforce, people are switching jobs more regularly, and corporations are hiring from around the world, and even automating positions that were previously held by people. Your job, and everyone else’s, is at risk on a daily basis and if you aren’t account for your career, no one else will be. Gone are the days when you can sit back and get promoted as you age at your company. Gone are the days when your job is safe and your company is going to take care of you in retirement. In today’s world, you have to work much harder, be more strategic and go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

The new economy, and advances in...

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This article doesn't reflect a 2018 women's workplace. Gone are the days that we are expected to work 24/7 and attend superficial "networking" events after hours. Gone are the days of gossiping at the water cooler and taking 15 unproductive smoke breaks throughout the day. Gone are the days of meeting at the bar after work. Belonging to associations, attending conferences and events have marketing power and purpose, however, the strongest relationships are truly built day-to-day and in creative ways. 2018 has brought in productive coffee breaks, aka, mini-meetings to get the day started. I've had much more success and respect meeting up at the gym over lunch or a quick run prior to a meeting with colleagues than going for a drink at night. Family time is more respected in today's environment. It's what you do and how you do it while at work, that counts.

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