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The MacBook Hack That *Literally* Changes Everything

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There are dozens of YouTube videos out there in which babies poke at a television screen thinking it's a touch screen. It's hilarious — and kind of sad — but the truth is, this can happen to many of us.

For most of us, touch screen interfaces dominate much of our computer interaction — whether it's on our phones or on Windows PCs with touch displays. But for Macbook users, touch screens have long been absent from Apple computer products, something that is less-than-ideal for many of us.

Thankfully, a Swedish company, Neonode, has recently introduced AirBar, a device that fits onto 13-inch Macbook Airs and makes screens touch-responsive. As of Tuesday, the sensors are available on Amazon starting at $99.

The AirBar, which is created and manufactured in Sweden, projects an invisible light field over the computer screen. Because of this light field, whenever a pen, finger, or stylus interfere with the light, they interact with the screen without having to touch it.

Features include gestures such as pinch, swipe, zoom and the gadget works with anything — from fingers to brushes. One of the best perks of this product is that it doesn't drain your battery and easily connects to the USB port.

Over all, reviews have been positive, though some have mentioned the precision is not as accurate as a real touch screen. Still, for many, the ability to easily sign forms, flip through PDFs, and tap through links may be worth it.

(Image via AirBar)

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