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Why I Said Yes to The Limited (And Why You Should, Too)

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On September 9, The Limited will launch a groundbreaking campaign, “The New Look of Leadership,” to redefine and celebrate new models of leadership. When I received the invitation to be featured, I said yes immediately. Here’s why:

1. I’m obsessed with empowering women.

My life’s work is advancing women and girls. Whether I’m helping to launch a girls’ middle school, running a women’s leadership organization, or raising money for a nonprofit, I relentlessly pursue one goal: a world in which women’s gifts and voices are fully harnessed for the benefit of all of us. There was no way I could resist The Limited’s message of empowering women to Lead an Unlimited Life.

2. I’m a recovering Limited groupie.

When I was in my early twenties I bought ALL of my clothes from The Limited. I’ll never forget getting a teaching job in graduate school and going to The Limited to shop for my first-day-of-school outfit. I was so nervous about the first impression I’d make with my students. I’ve never considered myself a fashionista. But I’m intentional about putting clothes on my body that make me feel like I can accomplish anything. I feel indebted to The Limited for providing me access to clothes that make me feel unstoppable. By offering fashion that young professionals can afford, The Limited is investing in the next generation of women leaders.

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Why I Said Yes to The Limited (And Why You Should, Too)

3. Gabrielle Bernstein and Natalia Oberti Noguera.

I’m pinching myself for being co-featured with such phenomenal women! Gabrielle is a motivational speaker, life coach, and bestselling author. She can help you Find Your Purpose. Natalia is the founder of Pipeline Angels and Pipeline Fellowship. She can help you invest in women entrepreneurs. They are fierce leaders who are also down to earth and committed to inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Just being on the set with Gabrielle and Natalia was a magical life experience unto itself.

4. Leadership is in desperate need of a makeover.

I think and write about leadership. I coach and talk about leadership. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that our culture can’t quite shake the stereotypical image of a leader as tall, able-bodied, male, white, and straight. That’s why I’ve already received hundreds of messages from people ecstatic about The Limited’s campaign to redefine leadership. By featuring diverse “ordinary” women who are making an extraordinary impact in the world The Limited is redefining what success looks like. A leader is who ever you see in the mirror.

Now it’s your turn to say yes and get involved. Post your own story about What Leading Looks Like and/or nominate a fabulous woman you know to be featured at By joining the movement you’ll help inspire all of us to recreate leadership as authentic, modern, and meaningful.

Why I Said Yes to The Limited (And Why You Should, Too)

Photos: Courtesy of The Limited


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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