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The Essentials: Sadie Kurzban, Entrepreneur and Workout Enthusiast

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Welcome to our new column, The Essentials. Every week we will take a look at what essentials a woman with an awesome job needs to get through her day. Whether it be Apps, music, gummy worms, red lipstick, or a power bag, we’ve got the scoop.

Sadie Kurzban: founder and CEO of 305 Fitness, a workout that fuses high-intensity cardio with the sensual dance moves of her Miami hometown (hence, the 305 area code).

What made you want to do 305 Fitness for a living and what does it mean to inspire people in this way?

I spent many years hating my body, bored to tears on the elliptical. Then I found dance. When I dance, I am filled with passion and purpose. I forget all of my insecurities and just feel the music pumping through my veins. When I realized that I could truly fall in love with working out, the whole picture changed about how I felt about my body and myself. I am so happy to be able to share this experience with others.

What is the toughest thing about being an entrepreneur?

Having to rely on my gut to make decisions. I don’t have a boss to look to for feedback or appreciation. When times are tough, it takes a strong voice deep within me to push me through and point me in the right direction. Maintaining that strong sense of self and inner voice has been invaluable in guiding me.

Are there any sports or workouts you want to try?

I would love to run a marathon. I’ve done a handful of half-marathons and they were lots of fun, but there is something about a full 26 miles that feels like the ultimate mental challenge.

Your classes feature a constant stream of new, upbeat music. What are your favorite tunes on to play on repeat?

Tough one. My favorite song to jam out to is probably a Villains Remix of “Circus” by Britney Spears. It’s epic. I’m also crushing on the new song “Bang Bang.” 305 Fitness has some great playlists curated by our live DJs that I like to listen to on a power run.

Essentials Sadie

The Essentials

What pieces of technology (iPhone, tablet, laptop) do you always carry?

My iPhone. That little thing is truly amazing.

What shoes do you wear for meetings or presentations?

Ha! You can usually find me at my desk in workout gear. I change my sneakers every month because I use them so much with all the jumping around. The pair I have right now are Asics Gel-Noosa. So fun and colorful with great support! On the off chance I’m getting fancy, I love myself a pair of black suede booties. Steve Madden has a pair that I love called Panelope.

What shoes and clothes do you usually wear for work?

For a 305 Fitness class, I love to do it up with bright colors and sexy lines. I take inspiration from my Miami roots. Tonight I wore a bright pink bikini top in lieu of a sports bra and high-waisted shiny black leggings. I love to dance in crop tops. I feel so free!

What do you usually eat for lunch or for a healthy snack?

I had a big salad of spinach, avocado, tomatoes, feta, and black beans for lunch today.

What’s in your junk food drawer?

Chocolate. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite drink at happy hour?

I have to admit that as a 23-year-old entrepreneur, I struggle finding a balance between laser sharp focus on my career with my desire to be young and go out and rage. I try my best to avoid alcohol when I can but when I do drink, I’m a big tequila fan.

Favorite power-item piece of clothing or jewelry and where is it from?

My high-waisted cut-off denim shorts I bought in Little Havana in Miami. Now that it’s summer in New York, I’m going a little crazy. Growing up in Miami, it was the only season I learned how to dress for.

What items do you always keep under your desk or in your bag?

An extra pair of socks and underwear for quick office-gym changes. Neutrogena cleansing towelettes for pre- and post-workouts. A tube of NARS lipstick in Heat Wave.

What is your relaxation method of choice?

Listening to calming music. Music works like a drug for me. For example, I don’t drink much coffee. If I’m tired, I listen to a fast-paced song and in a minute, I’m bouncing off my chair faster than a cup of coffee could do its magic.

What blogs or sites you read on breaks at work?

I’m a big fan of The Skimm for a three minute synopsis on important current events. I’m also a huge fan of Well + Good for everything fitness-related in NYC.

What is your go-to work bag?

My “Make Sweat Sexy” gym bag.

What apps you use on a daily basis that you find to be helpful?

NPR for my morning news, TED talks for inspiration, and Gmail for checking my email compulsively.

What is your go-to caffeinated drink and where do you get it? Or do you have a caffeine alternative?

Music is my drug!

Say hi to Sadie and 305 Fitness on Twitter!

What essentials do you rely on to help get through the workday? Share with us in the comments!


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Love this! Sadie is such an inspiration! And her classes sound like too much fun!

Maggie Seaver
Maggie Seaver

Sadie sounds awesome! What an inspiration, turning a passion into her work and lifestyle!

I love this! The Essentials always features the most incredible women- I love Sadie's attitude, she's so passionate and full of life! I loved seeing what keeps her going throughout the day.

Such a fun article! I can relate to how Sadie felt bored on the elliptical just going through the motions... I'd much rather be dancing or doing some sort of creative movement! I think it would be so fun to try 305 Fitness!


Thank you for featuring an entrepreneur in a non- tech/fashion/business field! It's so refreshing to see how drive and passion can be applied to any type of career. Sadie is super inspiring, and I can totally relate her search for balance between laser focus at work and wanting to be young and have fun. Excellent article!

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