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The Essentials: Natalie Uhling, Spokeswoman for Under Armour and Fitness Guru

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Welcome to our column, The Essentials. Every week we will take a look at what essentials a woman with an awesome job needs to get through her day. Whether it’s Apps, music, gummy worms, red lipstick, or a power bag, we’ve got the scoop.

Natalie Uhling: Supermodel spokeswoman for Under Armour, fitness instructor, and all-around health guru who just launched her own workout method, NUFit. The NUFit program fuses disciplines such as kickboxing, dance and toning all in a one hour high intensity, music-blasting workout.

Which health/fitness guru do you admire and why?

This is a hard question, but I have to say that the great Miss Tina Thompson would have to be my number one guru. Tina Thompson embodies the words dance, fitness, and movement. I was one of the lucky ones to be mentored and trained by this incredible woman. She is fierce, puts up with no bullshit, and is all about proper form and hard work! The word shortcut is not a part of her language. The way she motivates you to push and gets in your mind is unlike anyone I have ever met. Tina is authentic. She is also the founder and creator of ‘SKIN’ – The Tina Thompson Dance Company based in New York City. Her slogan is “passion, athleticism and vision.” Check out her biography here!

Is there any kind of sport or workout you haven’t tried that you want to try?

I want to try kite surfing! I grew up in the Northwest, and it’s really popular there. It’s on the top of my sports bucket list.

What is your typical exhaustion level during the week?

I am pretty beat when I get home during the week. My days are very labor intensive, so when my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep almost immediately.

The Essentials:

What pieces of technology do you always carry? iPhone, tablet, laptop?

I carry an iPhone and two iPods. I do that just in case one breaks. Music makes my world go round, and teaching a class with no music would not be cute!

What shoes do you wear for meetings or presentations?

Rag & Bone or Alexander Wang

What shoes do you actually wear to get to the meeting?

I wear the same shoes! I like leaving my house fully dressed. I find wearing flip-flops in the city makes your feet dirty, plus, you never know what’s on the ground.

What do you usually eat for lunch or for a healthy snack?

A whole wheat vegetarian wrap. Delicious!

What’s in your junk food drawer?

I don’t have a junk food drawer. Do those still exist?

Drink at happy hour?

Water. I am not a big drinker. How boring, right?

Favorite power-item piece of clothing or jewelry and where is it from?

My Tom Ford coral red Natalia bag.

What items do you always keep under your desk or in your bag?

I always carry Aquaphor, headphones, metro card, gym lock, two iPods, a microphone pack, water, Under Armour headbands, sunnies, band-aids, my wallet, and a notepad in my bag.

Exercise of choice?

I am the queen of cardio! I love any kind of high intensity workout.

Blogs or sites you read on breaks at work?

Well+Good NYC, The New York Times, New York Post, Into The Gloss, PopSugar, The Idaho Mountain Express and Refinery29.

Your go-to work bag?

The Under Armour Camden Storm backpack.

Apps you use on a daily basis that you find to be helpful?

Armour39, Instagram, Vine, Square, Shazam, and Tempo Magic.

What is your go-to caffeinated drink and where do you get it? Or do you have a caffeine alternative?

Coffee! I love an iced coffee from Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn. I add a splash of almond milk. It’s what I call perfection!

Follow Natalie on Twitter here! If you want to know more about her essentials or her job, ask her a question on her Levo profile.

For more information on Natalie’s NUfit classes, email her at


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Elana Gross
Elana Gross

I have loved being able to read Natalie's answers to my questions on her mentor portfolio and I am so happy to see her featured in this column! I love that Natalie was able to turn her passion into a career path!

I always carry extra head phone I've never considered carrying two iPods! It's a neat solution to making sure she's always prepared though!

Natalie is such an inspiring woman! Definitely recommend asking her a question or two on her mentor profile... she gave me the most motivating answer!! This was a fun feature to learn a little bit about her life!

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