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The College Grad’s Guide to Building a Personal Brand on Levo

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You’re a college grad (congrats!) and you’re ready to break into your dream industry. You don’t have extensive on-the-job experience just yet, so you’ll need to dig into your past university, internship, and part-time job experiences to prove you’re ready to take on your first full-time role. Use at least three to five of these ideas to help craft your personal brand on Levo to show that you’re willing, ready, and totally able. 

1. Laser focus on the elevator pitch in your Profile Card.

This is true for anyone’s profile, but as someone trying to get a foot in the door, it’s imperative that you refine your elevator pitch to really reflect what you want and what you offer. Quick and to the point, your pitch is the first place you’ll explain your purpose as well as how your unique talents and accomplishments will help you make the impact you want. And yeah, you may not have extensive job experience yet, but you do have drive, value, a purpose—and the need to contribute. Be honest. Highlight your skills and talents. And celebrate your accomplishments.

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What it looks like in action: 

Reading is my passion—and literacy is my mission. For four years, I’ve explored my talents for mentoring and storytelling (new English/Teaching grad here!) and helped five women read via an adult literacy program.

2. Bring your education to life via an Education Card.

Okay, so years of job experience won’t beef up your profile (yet!). But you’ve got years of education under your belt to discuss—so have at it. Don’t leave your profile at just your school name, your major, and a couple of activities. Your education should support your elevator pitch. Think about how school moved you closer to your mission. Talk about the moment you figured out the impact you wanted to make, for example, or some of the biggest lessons you learned, inside or outside the classroom.

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3. Highlight your job-specific skills on Snapshot Card.

Your dream entry-level job, of course, will require a few common skills (and perhaps a few uncommon ones). Which ones do you have? How or where did you learn them? Showcase three to five skills, and don’t just list them in an old-school bullet form; explain (succinctly) the value you offer as it relates to the job you want. And don’t forget: The skills you spotlight should demonstrate how you would benefit your potential employer and help them solve a problem.

4. Use a Career Card to show how you took ownership in an internship or part-time job.

If you’ve got some job or internship experience, show it off! Be precise and find ways to demonstrate how your role supported your purpose, your skillset, and how it made you a more valuable candidate for the job you want. Looking for ways to frame that experience and show how it’s relevant? Check out this article.

5. Discuss relevant side or academic projects using Snapshot Card.

Don’t assume that paid positions or internships are the only things that count as “experience.” If you have gigs on the side or school or volunteer projects that were relevant to your purpose, this is the place to highlight them. Think about it the same way you would think about a job or internship experience. What did you learn? Why was it valuable? And most of all, how did it help you contribute to making your impact?

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Imme Dornblut
Imme Dornblut

Thanks for the great overview Amy! One question: do you know how I can include a Mission statement into my profile? Which card can I use? I habe Seen it in some profiles... Thanks!!!

Sienna Joseph
Sienna Joseph

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Sumit Pareek
Sumit Pareek

It is very informative. You have given a fresh outlook to the topic. I would definitely share this on other platforms as well.

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sadaf malik
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