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The Brief: Your Coworkers Tend To Do This When They Work in Groups

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Joon Is Busting Out All Over

If you love to travel and are a millennial then this may be your new go-to airline. It's called Joon and this December it will fly from Paris to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. Next summer it will go to Fortaleza in Brazil and Mahé in the Seychelles. That's all great but the most important part is, the fares are low (sorta). With its cute staff attire, healthy food options, and in-flight entertainment, this is totally the stuff of millennial dreams. Except if you manage to look through all the so-called millennial magic words and pics of white sneakers, this looks like just another airline trying to woo this travel hungry segment of the market which has been done before. Also the only inflight entertainment is RedBullTV and Viceland? Ummm where are the Game of Thrones and Gilmore Girls reruns?

Liar Liar

Working in a group? There is a good chance you are about to be lied to. According to a recent study cited by Moneyish people are more likely to lie when they are in groups. “There is a stronger inclination to behave immorally in groups than individually,” the researchers said. Basically because we are all basically social creatures we feel an immense need to be people pleasers so maybe in order to go with the flow we lie a bit and because we are in a group we don't want to stick out in any way so we let people get away with lying even if we know they are doing it (this is known as a concept called “diffusion of responsibility".) So in other words, you may like working in a group but it's because no one is telling the truth. You should probably not shop in a group anymore either.


You know when you are drinking milk and you just think, 'Gosh I wish this was carbonated.' No, me neither but apparently someone had the thought that milk should be more like champagne even though it's, you know, milk. But Arla, one of the U.K.'s biggest milk producers, has decided to make "sparkling fruit and milk" to try to make milk sexy again as sales are falling. I mean champagne is pretty sexy but for some reason doing this to milk just doesn't seem like it will work. Why don't they just go back to those charming Got Milk? mustache ads with models?

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

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