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The Brief: You May Not Need To Call Out Sick After the Super Bowl This Year

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Flat Liners

It seems like more companies, especially in Silicon Valley, are rolling out better parental leave policies all the time. This is why it is so interesting that according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health over the past 22 years, the number of women taking maternity leave has barely increased. In 1994, 278,000 women took maternity leave (both paid and unpaid), and as of 2015, only 300,000 women reported taking it. Even more shocking, this number has remained stagnant even in states that are offering these new, more improved maternity laws. The author of the study said, "If right now only half of all women are being paid, and if that number is only increasing a quarter of a percentage point each year, that means the number will go up 1 percentage point every four years," which means "it will take 200 years for paid maternity benefits for all employed women." On the plus side, the number of employed fathers who take paternity leave has more than tripled. It's gone from 6,000 fathers in 1994 to 22,000 fathers in 2015. 

Couch Time

We know millennials are considered a generation of digital nomads and now luckily Ikea has built cute furniture just for them! The Swedish furniture giant has teamed up with British fashion designer Kit Neale to create a collection targeted at "modern nomads living on their own terms" so basically that is a long way of saying millennials. Yes you may live to travel but sometimes you just need a cute chair to sit on. It is called SPRIDD and the collection features housewares, accessories, and apparel. The aesthetic was influenced by '60s pop art, '90s fashion, and modern-day music festivals. So if you like Andy Warhol, wear chokers and enjoy Coachella (or just dress like you do) and want to break up with your significant other while putting a reasonably priced super confusing Swedish table together, then this is the furniture line for you. The items will be available in U.S. stores starting February 2017.

Super Monday

The Super Bowl can be rough. You drink a lot, you eat way too many chicken wings, you dance during the half time show and oh yeah, there's some football too. Apparently the bosses at Heinz know that the Super Bowl is basically a holiday so they are letting their employees take Super Bowl Monday off and they encourage other companies to do the same. “We are trying to rally people around the idea that the day after the big game should really be a day to celebrate,” Nicole Kulwicki, head of Heinz brands, told USA TODAY Sports. “And in fact it should be a national holiday, which we have lovingly named ‘Smunday'" (hmm maybe if the name was slightly less ridiculous they'd get more support.) Heinz is asking supporters to sign a petition at and the company says if it gets over 100,000 that it will send the petition to Congress. Though the campaign is kind of a joke, it actually makes good sense as 16 million people call in sick or just skip work the day after the Super Bowl. May as well get a fun name and a day off out of it. And if you do get the day off after the Super Bowl please eat a Flammin' Hot Cheetos bagel or the Dorito bagel because those exist now

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