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The Brief: You’ll Never Guess Lululemon’s Newest Product

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The Real World: Salary Edition

If you talk about your salary, even with some of your closest coworkers or friends, it still always feels a bit taboo. However, that may soon change thanks to recent events at Google. In a series of 34 tweets former Google engineer Erica Baker (she works at Slack now), the whole world learned about how she created a spreadsheet naming her and her coworkers’ salaries. It went viral on an internal social network, and management was not thrilled. Baker has been called a hero by many for being so open, which has sparked a bigger conversation about the appeal of pay transparency at companies. What do you think? Read more about it here. (Related: Levo’s Entry-Level Salary Report)

Taking a Pause

And they say Millennials don’t plan. One of the big stories everyone has been talking about this week is a New York Times piece on how Millennial women are planning for pauses in their careers more so than previous generations. Unlike their mothers, Millennials don’t believe their only options are “career woman” or “stay-at-home mom.” They believe balance can be achieved. Levo’s own founder and CEO Caroline Ghosn summed it perfectly in the piece when she said, “They’re anticipating that in some way they’re going to have to dial down or integrate their career and their life. This reality is something that people are a lot more transparent and open about.” Sounds like a good change to us. (Related: How to Be “Out of Office” in 2015)

Yoga and a Beer Run

You know when you’re trying on yoga pants at Lululemon and you just think, “Gosh, I wish they made beer?” Oh, you don’t think that? Well, too bad, because your favorite workout apparel company is making beer. Called the “Curiosity Lager” (and not Lulubeer, disappointingly), it features lemon drop and chinook hops. It will be available in a limited-edition run of 88,000 cans sold only in Canadian liquor stores (where the company is headquartered), according to the Financial Post. This is an effort to get more male customers interested in the brand. “Beer, it’s the new yoga pant,” was a recent Tweet shared by the company. Beer is great and all, but we think Lululemon wine would be a better option. (Related: These 10 Famous Women Will Overhaul Your Thinking on Confidence and Body Image)

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#POTD (Profile of the Day)

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Levo Loves…

Allergan PLC’s #ActuallySheCan campaign in an effort to help young women learn and share information with one another about healthcare and wellness. As part of the campaign, the company will be hosting an essay competition with Cosmopolitan and is also partnering with HerCampus to host live events and panel discussions. Lea Michele and Lo Bosworth will appear in the campaign, too!

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