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The Brief: Wonder Woman is Going To Make So Much Money This Weekend

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Pump It Up

It seems like everyday we are told about a new drink that is going to help us workout better, give us energy for 7 days straight and provide world peace (and it's always green or made with charcoal or tar or something.) But new research finds that good ol' coffee could be used as your pre-workout drink now. A (legit) study found that caffeine in the form of coffee or supplements taken about an hour before a workout can improve your performance. Woohoo! Venti lattes for everyone! University of São Paulo professor Dr. Bruno Gualano said, “No matter the habitual caffeine intake in the diet, acute caffeine supplementation can improve performance.”However, research still needs to be done to make sure this applies to non super amazing athletes and women.

Chick Flick

Get ready because a whole bunch of records are going to be set at the box office this weekend. According to Deadline, Wonder Woman is expected to break the $85.1 million three-day opening weekend record for Fifty Shades of Grey. This will also be a domestic opening record for a film by a female director, Patty Jenkins (find out more about her here.) And it looks like women are going to lead the way. Last night women over 25 made up 37 percent of the audience. Then came men over 25 (35 percent), men under 25 (15 percent) and women under 25 (13 percent.) You go girl.

Pizza for Everyone

Well, now we know what it takes to get into Yale. You just have to express your love of pizza. That's exactly what Carolina Williams, of Brentwood, Tennessee did. When asked to write a 200-words or less essay about what you love to do she naturally thought of her favorite hobby: ordering pizza from Papa John's. “I love to order pizza from Papa John’s so much. I do it like once a week,” she said. “That was my first thought when I saw that prompt.” After she was accepted members of the admissions team even wrote to her to tell her much they appreciated it. You have to figure most of the essays they get are about feeding orphans or creating apps or doing research. Everyone loves to hear about pizza because it is the best! Well next time I am asked to write an essay about anything it will be about my favorite past time: Ordering from Chipotle. They'll probably let me be President with that one.

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National Doughnut Day! Go eat some doughnuts at happy hour!

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