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The Brief: This May Make You Reconsider That Ivy League Law School Application

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Ask Hillary Anything

You ask and Hillary Clinton will answer. The Democratic front-runner was all ears at a Facebook Q&A yesterday, talking everything from race relations and the future of jobs to being a woman in politics and her morning beauty routine (she “never met a pantsuit [she] didn’t love“). She even posted a GIF (she should totally read The Brief!). Read more about it here. (Related: 8 Amazing TED Talks Every Woman in Her 40s Should Watch)

Ivy League Degree? No, Thank You

If Legally Blonde taught us anything, it’s that going to an Ivy League law school is super fun. But it turns out that a fancy degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job. Adam Leitman Bailey, a Manhattan attorney who runs a real estate firm and is also Syracuse law school grad, wrote a piece for HuffPo about how he only wants law school grads from non-Ivy League schools. He wrote,”Many of these law schools either fail to rank their students or do not even grade them at all. Ergo, the students have no incentive to work hard and learn when they have guaranteed summer associate positions and guaranteed job offers.” He continued, “We want lawyers who have competed for three years for the top grades and at the same time who have learned topics relevant to our real estate practice. Competition breeds character and success and greater learning.” Something to think about when choosing a law school. (Related: 21 Time-Management Lessons Everyone in Their 20s Should Know)

Your Phone Is Never Really Gone

You may have heard that Apple came out with this new watch thing, which, according to the ads, will bring us closer together to our families, help us spend more time in charming Parisian cafes, and provide hours of entertainment for children. Remember when watches just told time? Sigh. Even though the Apple Watch is supposed to help you look at your phone less, a recent study finds that even if you have your phone in your bag, out of sight and on silent, the brain capacity you’re using for that awareness is still distracting. “Our results suggest that mobile phones can disrupt attention performance even if one does not interact with the device,” the study authors explain. You may be obsessed with your phone, but your phone really isn’t helping the situation. (Related: 17 Creativity-Boosting Television Shows to Binge-Watch ASAP)

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