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The Brief: This May Make You Actually Like Going To Work on Monday

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Monday, Monday

Ugh another Monday. And it’s even worse when it follows a long weekend (for those of you lucky ones that had Good Friday off.) For anyone who gets the Sunday blues (76% of American workers say they get the Sunday-night blues, according to a 2015 Monster survey) then there is a very good chance you have the Monday blues as well. But believe it or not, there is actually a group of working people that enjoy Mondays and their job is not even giving baby goats bottles (that’s a real thing.) Many entrepreneurs look at Monday as a day to be super productive because it’s often the only day before they get overwhelmed with emails and other work. “The start of the week is when my team and I review our goals, see where we are performance-wise, and figure out the key strategies it’ll take to hit our membership goals,” says Eddie Geller, CEO and co-founder of TinyBeans, told Business Insider. “It’s an exciting time for the company.” So maybe if you just don’t look as Monday as the worst day ever, it may surprise you. (Related: How to Keep Millennial Employees Happy)

Go Back to Sleep

Now looking at Monday differently will help, but there may be something else you are doing that is making Mondays especially hard. It turns out women need more sleep than their male counterparts. Professor Jim Horne, director of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Center, finds that when women get poor sleep they feel psychological distress and display greater feelings of hostility, depression, and anger. But when men got less sleep, none of this seemed to happen. “Women’s brains are wired differently from men’s and are more complex, so their sleep need will be slightly greater. The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need,” said Horne. This explains so much. So try to go to bed a little earlier on Sunday night and definitely catch up on the weekends. Your complex brain needs it. It also needs that really cute pair of pajamas you saw at the store. (Related: 5 Hidden Benefits of Sleep)

Comfort Clothes

But if you don’t get enough sleep and need a nap, have we got the coat for you. We’ve heard about the nap hoodie, but this takes it even farther as now we have the Suvet AKA the suit-duvet made by Jury’s Inn. Because there are some days where you just don’t want to leave your bed and now you don’t have to. OK, yes when you wear it the resemblance to the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters is uncanny but hey, how many business suits do you own that act as both a fashion statement and mobile bed? And honestly, some of the winter coats your own look like a comforter anyway so you may as well just fully embrace it. You can’t actually buy them yet, but if enough people show interest they may become available. And then Mondays and lack of sleep for women really won’t be an issue #solvingproblems. (Related: Why Napping at Work Isn’t as Crazy as You Might Think)

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