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The Brief: This Is Why You Should Be Glad the Next Time You Are Bored At Work

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Such a Bore

Were you super bored at work today? Well, good news. It makes you more creative. Economists, social policy experts, and scientists all believe that in order to get the best creative ideas, boredom has to be a part of the process. Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire explore the importance of alone time for your brain in a new piece for the Harvard Business Review. Again, it all comes down to our constant need to look at Instagram. “Today’s culture overemphasizes the importance of constant social interaction, due in part to social media,” Kaufman and Gregoire write. “We tend to view time spent alone as time wasted or as an indication of an antisocial or melancholy personality. Instead, we should see it as a sign of emotional maturity and healthy psychological development.” They think companies should actually encourage employees to work off site and have quiet reflection time. They should “reclaim solitude and improve their ability to think creatively—without diminishing collaboration.”


People really want to wear their pajamas all day. According to a new report from Softchoice of 1000 full-time workers, 74% said they would be willing to quit their job in order to move to an organization that allows them to work remotely more frequently, and they would do it without a raise. It also found that 85% of employees expect their employers to provide the technology that allows them to work from wherever they choose which includes meeting with colleagues. Almost 25% said they "often" or "always" have a remote participant in meetings (oh hey Google Hangout.) But 78% said they "frequently" experience technical difficulties when working with remote colleague (oh hey Google Hangout.)


We are now in full PSL saturation. I mean, the Pumpkin Spice Flavored Oreo's came out today so you know we are in deep. But why are we so obsessed with the PSL flavor? Do we even like it? Was there ever a time where a pumpkin was just a pumpkin and a spice just a spice? See the reason the drink is so popular is because we associate it with holidays and the coming of fall so it makes you feel all nostalgic. And at the same time, it always tastes the same (unless your barista messes up.) So you are also purchasing order and normalcy in an otherwise chaotic word as well as nostalgia all for less than $5. That's pretty amazing. Of course, the other reason you like it because it is made up of 90 percent chemicals and it is basically a Coca-Cola with some pumpkin spice. Yeah that's another good reason. 

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