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The Brief: This Is Why It Is Good to Have a Work Frenemy

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Give Your Work Frenemy a Hug

The only thing more annoying than a regular frenemy may be a work frenemy. Thirty-five percent of Americans reported being bullied at work, according to a 2010 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute. But it turns out, keeping your work enemies closer really is a smart tactic. According to new research published in the Harvard Business Review, having a work frenemy can improve your job performance. Basically, ambivalent relationships can make you work harder. The researchers ran two studies looking at three different types of relationships: positive, ambivalent (or “love-hate”), and negative. The positive group asked each other only positive questions, the negative group only negative questions, and the ambivalent group began with positive questions and then quickly moved into more condescending Qs in order to create the Regina George to their Gretchen Wieners. Then all the groups had to edit a piece of work they were told their partner had written. Who did best? The frenemy group outperformed the others. The researchers believed this was because an ambivalent relationship breeds competition, unlike in the other two where you will either be overly empathetic or worried about how you will be interpreted, and therefore not paying attention to the task at hand. Here’s hoping you have some terrible co-workers! [Related: How To Deal With Toxic Coworkers]

Super Bowl Fail

The numbers for #SB50 are starting to roll in, and though more women have top spots in the NFL than ever before (and Beyonce owned football’s biggest night), when it comes to the commercials, there was a major lack of representation. Twenty-five percent of the commercials had no women in them at all, while only 5 percent of the commercials contained zero men, according to a Motto analysis. Of the 41 commercials that did contain women, 56 percent failed to give the women spoken lines and out of the 29 commercials with voiceovers, only two were done by women. We love all the dogs and sheep ads, but come on! [Related: Women in the NFL: Josina Anderson, Emmy-Award Winning ESPN Reporter)

Best Diet Ever

Finally someone got my letters about what a proper diet should look like. None of this vegetable and fruit nonsense. The diet that everyone is talking about right now is The Sirtfood Diet because its two main components are red wine and chocolate. What the what? See, the diet is looking for food high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuins are a type of protein which protect the cells in our bodies from dying or getting infected by illness, and can help to regulate your metabolism, increase muscle, and burn fat. Foods that make the cut for this include apples, citrus fruits, green tea, olive oil, blueberries and, of course, kale. But wait, it gets better! Coffee is also on this list. Red wine, coffee and chocolate? Apparently I have been on this diet for years. [Related: 7 Apps That Will Help You Wine and Dine Your Clients]

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