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The Brief: These are the Best and Worst Entry-Level Jobs

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For a new crop of college grads job hunting season has already begun which means a lot of entry level jobs are about to be filled. But which are the worst and which are the best? WalletHub just released its report on 2016’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs looking at metrics such as “median starting salary” to “projected job growth by 2024” to “median tenure with employer.” So who came out on top? Engineer, Systems Engineer, Safety Rep, Web App Deveoper, Env., Health and Safety Engineer and Electrical engineer were the top six. The key word here is engineer. As for worst? Well keeping with our engineer theme drilling engineer came in as the worst (even though their median starting salary is $129,990), machinist, emergency dispatcher, automotive mechanic and tool and die maker were all ranked pretty badly. The study also found that though web application developers, web designers, software engineers, operations research analysts and programmers are all among the 10 best entry-level jobs, computer operators have the grimmest job outlook, with 19 percent of jobs in the field projected to be cut by 2024. (Related: These are the Best Cities for College Grads)

One Woman Show

Kelly Ripa is having a rough spring. The dynamic co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael was left in a total lurch last week when she was informed that her co-host of four years Michael Strahan would be quitting to go work full-time at Good Morning America and he would be leaving fairly shortly. Feeling blindsided, Ripa took off the next few days which led the press to immediately label her as a diva. It’s “classic diva behavior,” one source told the New York Post. Now would this have happened if it had been Ripa that had left and blindsided Strahan? Probably not. Though Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris are being rumored as possible co-hosts, Oprah has suggested that this could be Kelly’s moment to go solo. “Does she wanna do it by herself now? She could!” Winfrey added, which is the smartest thing anybody has said about this mess so far. “I had a co-host for a long time and I wanted to do it by myself, so I get it.” This could be Kelly’s moment! (Related: 3 Ways To Deal With Being Blindsided at Work (Like Kelly Ripa Was))

Your Television Neighborhood

Good news. Watching TV by yourself no longer makes you an anti-social hermit! According to The Science of Us, if you are really obsessed with a TV show and find yourself believing that you actually view the characters as friends (and not just on the TV show Friends), this is normal and healthy. You and Kimmy Schmidt are having something called a parasocial relationship AKA a one-sided sense of connectedness between a person and a fictional character. “It’s a really rich social experience that’s going on there. People think watching TV is antisocial, but it’s actually deeply social,” says Karen Dill-Shackleford, a media psychologist at Fairfield University who studies fandom. “Story worlds allow us to explore our own identities, our own understandings of our relationships, our values, what we think is meaningful in life.” This is what is happening when you completely relate to a character in a beloved novel or, you know, the appetite of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Oy with the poodles already is your life motto. (Related: 10 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls (Which You Can Now Watch All The Time!)

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