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The Brief: These Are Plandids and You've Probably Already Taken Several of Them

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Party On?

Ever wonder where all your money is going? It's weddings. Actually not even weddings, but the parties leading up to the wedding. According to a new Zillow analysis of wedding data from The Knot bachelorette parties cost about $1,106 on average per female millennial guest ($472 without travel and lodging.) For men, it is even worse at $1,532 per party. And the report did some math and found that if you attend nine of these epic bachelor/bachelorettes over a whole lifetime you will have spent about $13,788, which is about one-third of the down payment on a median-value U.S. home. Umm wow. That may make you rethink springing for the stripper.

Not So Spontaneous

Back in the early days of Instagram it was all about the planned poses and faces. I mean nobody naturally makes a duckface or a fishgape (no matter what the Kardashians want you to believe.) Luckily now we have evolved to a point where you want to look like you are being totally candid except you aren't really because you are in a totally beautiful place and clearly posing, but trying to look like you aren't posing. It's called a plandid because the world is so clever (how do you get on the committee to name these things?) It's a very specific combination of "planned" and "candid" that basically results in you not looking directly at the camera as you look stunning against a beautiful backdrop (Bella Hadid has perfected this.) So take some good plandids this weekend because you wouldn't want to be caught having fun spontaneously ever.


One thing you should definitely try taking plenty of plandids of this weekend is when you and your friends take part in a few rounds of Prosecco Pong. What is Prosecco Pong you ask? It is beer pong but for super sophisticated, fancy people (like the kind that eat macarons.) A Texas-based party supply store called Talking Tables released this game that every character on Gossip Girl would approve of. It is a bit more expensive than beer pong as the kit costs $25 and includes prosecco glasses (they are plastic, but if you're really talented you could always break out the crystal) but you do have to provide the champers (or, you know, tell your butler to get it.) And bonus, the balls are millennial pink so this game was basically made for you. Sometimes beer just isn't pretty enough (unless its Beer For Her.)

Tara Moore for Getty

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