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The Brief: The Unicorn Food Trend Has Gone Too Far

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Pay Day

Well, if you are going to go out then you should go out on a high note and that is exactly what Marissa Mayer is doing. According to a securities filing, Mayer will leave her job as CEO of Yahoo with over $187 million (if she uses all her stock options.) Now this giant sum of money includes outstanding share options, a $23 million golden parachute, cash payments, and medical benefits but it does not actually include her salary or bonuses from the past five years. This means it will be even more money. Considering that her tenure at Yahoo wasn't the most celebrated this is pretty impressive. Can't wait to see what she does next!

Ommm yah!

Here is another reason to meditate, however there is one caveat. Study after study and health guru after health guru constantly tell you the many benefits of meditating on a daily basis. It can help with productivity, creativity and stress relief. And apparently if you are a woman, the benefits of meditation are even more profound. In a study out of Brown University it was found that the practice of “intentionally and non-judgmentally directing one’s attention to present sensations and feelings,” is less effective for men than for women. It has a lot to do with how the sexes get in touch with their emotions and that women tend to be better at self reflection.

Too Many Unicorns 

I am just going to come right out and say it: This unicorn food trend has gone too far. Why do we need our food to look like a mythical horse? But wait, it doesn't even look like a unicorn, it is just supposed to resemble the feeling of a unicorn basically? That is even more absurd. We've got unicorn frappuccinos (which literally gave Starbucks baristas UFPTSD, sushi, cereal, waffles and now it has even come to our beloved bagels. Why must our breakfast now look like a Care Bear threw up? I mean will eating a multi-colored bagel really make your day that much better? Food the color of a rainbow is meant to be saved for special delicacies like Sour Straws and Skittles (and also, the Skittles people have got to be pissed about this since they no longer have the monopoly on tasting the rainbow.) But in serious food news though they now have rasberry-flavored edible glitter for you to put in prosecco. I mean that's just common sense. Of all the problems in the world to fix, making prosecco more shimmery was definitely high up there.

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