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The Brief: The Class of 2016 Cares More About This Than Their Salary

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High Hopes

Well at least they aren’t pessimists. According to a new survey by Accenture on the class of 2016, these new grads are optimistic about their job prospects, despite a growing trend in underemployment. They also care more about meaningful work, ongoing learning opportunities and a fun workplace culture than compensation. Seventy percent of the class of 2016 would rather work at a company that provides an employee experience built on a positive social atmosphere and receive a lower salary – up 10 percent on last year’s graduating class. They are also passionate – 69 percent chose their area of study because they were passionate about it – and want to work for companies that do good. Salary and benefits aside, 30 percent of 2016 graduates said they believe opportunities to make a difference or meaningful work are important for an employer to offer. Impressive, no? Idealists yes, but they also have a side of pragmatism in there. Four out of five of this year’s graduates said they considered the availability of jobs in their field of study before deciding on their major. And this is paying off as at the time of this research, 21 percent of the Class of 2016 accepted a job before graduation, up from 12 percent last year and 11 percent two years ago. (Related: 8 Must-Have Body Language Tips for New Grads)

It’s in the Bag

Millennials are supposed to be not great when it comes to managing their finances, especially when it comes to saving. So a new study may be surprising as it shows they are not that into buying the most expensive, fancy label handbag. They are more focused on quality and style. Ugh, when did we all get so responsible and embrace being unique? Apparently they didn’t get that belief that was drilled into me about Chanel bags being able to cure the common cold. According to The NPD Group, in partnership with Stylitics, although handbag sales have increased in the U.S. by 5 percent since 2014, totaling $11.5 billion in 2015, millennials only contributed that increase by a smidge. Millennials view buying a fancy handbag as a very important purchase (I mean, you carry your phone in there) so it takes them some time and a whole lot of research and perusing. It’s true. Forty-one percent of millennials, and 61 percent of them start browsing for choices online way ahead of time before finally buying one. (Related: How To Dress Professionally in This In-Between, Annoying Weather)

Cocooning It Up

Oh we all love a good new, weird workout trend, but you know what we also really like? To do nothing. That is one of my favorite activities. Well a new workout from Crunch Gym called Antigravity Cocooning combines your love of napping with stretching and being in a hammock. Throw in some weird lighting and heavy breathing and you’ve got yourself a good time. Or one of these weird classes. Burning hundreds of calories and getting your heart pumping is so March 2016. Why would you do that when you could slightly shift your muscles in a weird hammock thing and look like you were in some kind of horror film about pod people? Plus, you actually get points for taking a nap. According to Crunch Gym, “Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes.” We have a feeling Arianna Huffington is behind this. (Related: The 5 Minute Workout You Can Do at the Office)

Levo Loves…

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s new collaboration with Chelcey Tate! The former Bachelorette has designed a line of prints, drink ware and apparel, We love the “Dear wine, I love you. That is all. XoXo.”

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