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The Brief: Patagonia Already Won Black Friday, Plus You May Be Dressing Like Jacques Cousteau Soon

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The Brief will be taking a little Thanksgiving break so it can fill up on turkey but we will see you right here on Monday, Nov.28. Gobble, gobble!

Sweet Charity

With all the Black Friday sales we tend to get caught up in the madness and before you know it you find yourself the proud owner of 10 different pairs of black leggings. But one company is making us think a little more. Outdoor retailer Patagonia is donating 100 percent (estimated to be over $2 million) of its global Black Friday sales to nearly 800 environmental groups around the world. CEO Rose Marcarioa wrote in a company blog post that the retailer would give the money these groups in particular because they are “working in local communities to protect our air, water and soil for future generations.”

Step It Up

Treadmills are so 2015. This year it is all about the stepmill. Why run in place when you can climb to nowhere? But according to Ecofit, stepmills (those stair machines you see people becoming super exhausted on at your gym) have become the most-used cardio machine after treadmills at gyms across North America. Just 15 to 30 minutes of sprints on a stepmill is the equivalent of 100 floors. It's a major calorie burner but you may not be able to feel your legs after so there are some tradeoffs. Of course, you could just do that at your lunch break in your office building but then you'd look pretty sweaty at your desk. Stepmills, which are known on social media as #stairmonster, also are better if you are prepping for a climb (and everyone was planning on climbing Everest after Thanksgiving this year, right?) But with more gyms adding them, you may want to get in on the climb.

Part of Your World

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a weird fashion trend that your aunt will ask about and then she will ask you to explain what "on fleek" means. The big weird microtrend that is happening right now requires you to channel your inner Little Mermaid (but no this is not the mermaid tail trend because I just can't even.) This is the trend where people are wearing clothes made out of scuba material on dry land AKA Street-Style Scuba (SSS for short.) Cynthia Rowley has really perfected it with her gorgeous surf tops and leggings (she has a whole surf shop line.) It's very Steve Zissou meets Picasso meets bougie pastels. Yes, you may not be a surfer or scuba diver or live remotely close to a body of water, but it doesn't mean you can't dress like one. That's the whole point of fashion. And frankly this is a lot warmer than dressing like a ballerina, my other go-to fashion look.

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Thanksgiving! Read our survival guide and then go eat some pie (and take our question of the day) and relax!

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