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The Brief: Millennial Women Are Really Bad at Doing This

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Work, Work, Work

We're already through Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff of summer, even if it doesn't really start for a few more weeks. And though we become less productive at work during the summer and more distracted, when we finally go on a vacation, all we do is work. And we are doing this even more than we did three years ago. A new Glassdoor study finds that even when Americans use their PTO or vacation days, 66 percent today report working when they do take vacation. This is up 5 percent from three years ago. Basically we collectively as a society stink at unplugging from work. Well & Good also cited a survey from Project: Time Off that found that men are better at taking vacation than women. Even though more women in the survey ranked vacation as “extremely” important only 44 percent of millennial women used up all of their days in 2016. For men it was over 50 percent. Sigh.

Peas in a Pod

There are a lot of myths surrounding millennials, but one that is not a myth is that they are super entrepreneurial. A new study by America’s SBDC, the association of the country's small business development centers, finds that millennials (AKA 20 and 30-somethings) are are all about starting and running their own companies. Millennials are already more likely to have started a business than Baby Boomers or Gen Xers. Take that. But millennials are also aware that we all need a little help and they are creating jobs and hiring people, which is great news. In the last 30 years the majority of U.S. jobs have come from firms less than five years old, according to the Kauffman Foundation.

Peach Please

For me, summer is the one time of year I eat fruit so this is bad news. Turns out, peaches are the new avocados. All this weird weather damaged a huge crop of peaches in the South and now we don't get to eat no peach pie. According to The New York Times, in Georgia production may only reach a quarter of its results for 2016. We all know what this means though. More ice cream for dessert.

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