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The Brief: If You Live in One of These 10 Cities, You Are Probably Exercising Right Now

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Struggling to work out this week? You may be able to blame it on your city. But if you live pretty much anywhere in Colorado and you don't work out then you are just lazy because everyone else in your state is climbing a mountain right now. According to the State of American Well-Being report the top two communities with the highest rates of regular exercise are Boulder and Fort Collins. Greeley, CO also made the top 5. As for the communities with the lowest rates? Cedar Rapids, IA, Akron, OH and Hickory–Lenoir–Morganton, NC are all probably only wearing their athleisure clothes and not working out in them. See the full list here.

Pass It Over

And you are going to need to go to one of those fit cities after you get one of the new Olive Garden Pasta Passes. Actually this is a program they used to have but then ended but apparently the never ending pasta bowl just wasn't enough pasta for everyone. However, there is a bit of a Hunger Games element to this. Starting today diners will have half an hour beginning at 2 PM ET to get one of the 22,000 passes that give you a ticket to get your chance at Olive Garden’s “Never Ending Pasta" bowl (no it is not for eternity but for two months.)

It Almost Never Was

Imagine a world without Pumpkin Spice Lattes? I mean what would people talk about from Sept. 1 through November? How to make the world a better place or something? But believe it or not when Starbucks baristas were brainstorming new ideas for a fun seasonal drink a pumpkin spice concoction was almost put on the back burner. According to Business Insider, they were going to make some sort of Cinnamon Chocolate combo instead. Ummm what we do without a drink that makes us feel like a cozy sweater? Plus, how would we even know it was fall without the PSL? By looking at the leaves. That's madness! Luckily Peter Dukes, Starbucks' espresso brand manager, convinced the tea, that a pumpkin flavored drink had real potential and now we have hi, to thank for Pumpkin Spice Latte-flavored deodorant.


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