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The Brief: If You Curse a A Lot This Study Will Make You Feel Super Happy

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A Twinkle in Your Eye

We know that the "motherhood penalty" exists, which is when women's salaries take a major hit after they have kids. Data shows that women’s salaries have dropped 4 percent for each child they have when they return to work. This penalty does not apply to men. And now according to a new research cited by The Harvard Business Review this penalty applies to women who don't even have children, but may have them some day. Researchers sent out fake résumés from “elite” applicants to 316 offices of 147 top law firms in 14 cities. Except for identifying the gender and class of the person, the résumés were identical. And yet it was the higher-class men that were overwhelmingly favored by the firms for a potential job. The higher-class women were looked at as “flight risks” by the attorneys because they would leave some the firm some day to have families. Interesting.


It's a good thing millennials tend to swear at work more than any age group. According to new research, it makes them seem more honest. Scientists from the University of Cambridge looked at both a smaller sample size of 276 people and then a huge group of 74,000 via Facebook. But the conclusion was the same: The more you curse, the more likely you are very honest. Basically people who curse more tend to not filter themselves so they tend to be more honest. So if you curse a whole lot that means you are honest AF.

Pretty in Pink

It's January so clearly a lot of people have started diets. There are tons of articles out there on the latest tricks and food trends (did you know there is a taco diet?) But this trick from none other than Kendall Jenner may be my favorite so far. Now usually I only turn to Kendall for advice on how to be really, really good at being hot or which dog face Snapchat filter is the sexiest, but we may have to start consulting her for more than that. Basically she recently learned that pink is the only color scientifically proven to calm you and also suppress your appetite. She wrote on her app, "I was like, ‘I NEED this color in my house!’” So there you go. Cue every woman in their 20s painting their kitchen pink this weekend. Forget the spin class and eating more vegetables. Just paint every room in your house Baker-Miller pink. You could also just write "CARBS ARE BAD" on your wall like I did, but I suppose pink is a little prettier and apparently calming as well.

Levo Loves..

Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard's poignant farewell Instagram post after her show's sudden cancellation. This millennial is going places!

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