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The Brief: Does Anyone Else Have an Eclipse Hangover?

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Headache Much?

No matter where you are in the country hopefully many of you got to view the amazing solar eclipse today. It was awesome but does anyone else have a headache and feel a little nauseous even if you wore the glasses? Well before you go into panic mode after permanently damaging your retinas, breathe for a minute. First of all, if there is any real damage it's not going to be apparent for a full 24 hours. According to our friends at Bustle, the reason why you have a headache is that even though you feel like your office has bright, awful lighting it is actually dim in the grand schemes so when you went outside to look at the bright sun, even with glasses, it was rough on your body. Plus, for the last week you have probably been reading about all the symptoms from looking at the eclipse so you are a little over aware and on edge.

Branding Your Brand

It turns out millennials only love brands if it helps their own brand. According to The "2017 top 100 Millennial Brands" report millennials' top 10 favorite brands include Apple, Nike, Samsung, Target, Amazon, Sony, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Coke and Google. These brands, in one way or another, help boost the brand of the millennial by making them look more socially responsible, fashionable or funnier than they actually are, according to AdWeek. Basically we all like brands if they make us look cooler than we actually are. Like I know when I carry my Starbucks cup and Chipotle bowl people think 'That was the coolest person I have ever seen in my life.' Moosylvania CEO Norty Cohen told AdWeek, "We're marketers marketing to marketers. They're very aware of their social status. So brands that can serve them, that can give them something they need to help them with their status, do well." 

Fancy Feet

And someone who is also a big fan of Starbucks just had one of both his and my dreams come true. Over the weekend Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs wore a pair of custom-made Starbucks cleats in a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks (take a look below.) The shoes were made by Mache Custom Kicks and they are awesome. First of all, where can I get a pair? And also I've been wrapping the coffee sleeves around my shoes for years so clearly this is a genius idea (sometimes I also wear them as bracelets cause I'm fancy.)

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