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The Brief: Could Checking Your Work Email Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

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More Wonder

Well it is no surprise that after Wonder Woman's amazing box office breaking weekend, that a sequel has already been greenlit. In addition to just making gobs and gobs of money, critics and pretty much every celebrity, including Lupita Nyong'o, gave the film major praise. According to, in the sequel the U.S. will finally get to meet Wonder Woman (in this film she is only in Europe and Themyscira) and it will take place in modern times. I'm hooked already. Director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot have already signed on. 

Email Nirvana

Many of us dream of a day when we open up our email and it is completely empty. But for most of us, it really is just a dream. But it may become a reality sooner than you think. Management expert David Burkas, author of the book, “Under New Management: How Leading Organizations are Upending Business as Usual,” says some companies are experimenting with a inoffice email bans. This means “no internal email among teammates, just using old school technologies like phone calls and walking two doors down to the other person’s office,” Burkas told WTOP. “What most companies are doing is trying to set limits on it by either hours during the day when they don’t send email or sometimes shutting the servers off at night.” Sounds like a whole lot less of checking your phone at dinner and a whole lot more face time. 

Have Your Cake...

And just when you thought Starbucks couldn't top the mermaid frappuccino, they've gone ahead and done something even better. At Starbucks in Japan they are now just simply putting cake into fraps. They already have the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino which is just what it sounds like, but if you want to pretend to be healthier (except not really at all because this is still a drink that includes cake as one of its ingredients) then you can try the Matcha Frappuccino which has a piece of chocolate cake in it. Because that matcha was just too healthy for you. Why not just add some Pixie Stix and waffles while we're at it? Luckily, if you want to go into a sugar coma you have to go to Japan to do it, but it will be so worth it. Or you could just stick a cakepop in your frap at Starbucks today and be done with it. 

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The Relish! The first sports media brand for women started by Ashley Wellington-Fahey just raised their initial round of funding! Find out more about her and her company this week on Levo! 

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