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The Brief: Beyoncé Clearly Won the Super Bowl

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Public Announcement

Jessica Alba is having a good week. She’s about to take The Honest Company public! THC (do people call it that?), which is known for its eco-friendly baby and beauty products, was founded in 2011 by Alba and entrepreneur Brian Lee, and it has been valued at $1.7 billion, according to Bloomberg. Its products are now sold in major stores including Target and Whole Foods. And it seems Alba may not be the only Hollywood gal heading to Wall Street. Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are also eyeing an IPO. JustFab CEO (the mother company for Fabletics) Adam Goldenberg said that the company raised $85 million in 2014 during a “pre-IPO round.” The Honest Company IPO, if it does happen, can then act as a barometer for the success of future celebrity retailers going public. [Related: 9 Amazing Pieces of Advice from Jessica Alba]

Easier Street

When we think of young people on Wall Street, we think of over-worked employees eager to get that big bonus (plus now we also think of Ryan Gosling. Thank you, Big Short!). But there are some changes happening when it comes to employee culture in the financial industry. In late January, JP Morgan announced an initiative called “Pencils Down,” aimed at helping its employees improve their work-life balance. Previously, it was reported that young bankers were only allowed one work-free weekend a month.The company wants them to take every weekend off unless they are working on a “live” deal. And JP Morgan isn’t the first bank to instill a policy to encourage better work-life balance. Goldman Sachs now requires that all analysts and associates be out of office and not work between 9 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Sunday. Bank of America, Citigroup, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank have followed suit. Work-free weekends are “realistic to what this generation wants,” Carlos Hernandez, JPMorgan’s head of global banking, told the Wall Street Journal. [Related: An Open Letter to All Young Women of Wall Street]

Has Your Neck Lost Weight?

What did we do before contouring? Seriously, did you even know you had cheek bones before Kylie Jenner showed you how to paint them on? Now it is one thing to focus on your face, because that is what most people are looking at when you talk (hopefully), but apparently you have been focusing on the wrong area. It is the back of your neck that needed more attention all along. Yup, that’s right. Neck contouring is a thing now. Before you start panicking, don’t worry—there is an Instagram video that shows you how to do it, because who wants to be caught with a neck that doesn’t show proper shadowing? After all, you never know who may be standing behind you. [Related: 5 Beauty Products All New Grads Need]

Levo #POTD (Profile of the Day)

Meet Jeremiah Lee, a technical product owner for Fitbit. He likes to help companies figure out everything they need from their web site (strategy, design, implementation, research, support, all of it). Check out his profile here. Then discover more must-see profiles on Levo’s Front & Center.

Levo Loves…

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance. Coldplay, you were fun, and Bruno Mars is always great but there was a clear winner here. Beyoncé—who was styled by Levo 100’er Eyob Yohannes—pretty much won the whole weekend with her new song “Formation,” (and the announcement of her world tour). We especially liked it when she fell, but was so quick to recover that she didn’t even miss a beat. And that is how it is done. We’re pretty sure #formation is the new #girlsquad.


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Mariana T.
Mariana T.

No she didn't. Halftime was super boring. Horrible.

No she didn't .
Inaudible mumbling.
Too much Malcolm X tribute.
Bit heavier than recent years, "dancing and stomping" soon will not be able to "cover-up" her minimal singing talents.
Don't think she lip-synced this time, though.
Last time she lip-synced - and it was embarrassing & fraudulent !
(she got caught in a lie)

I'm pretty liberal but hey, I don't agree at all that she stole the show. I appreciated neither her nod to black power nor her tribute to seriously disturbed Mr. Jackson. I get that she's hot so why not send more positive messages to deserving male and female black entertainers, if that was her objective, folks with more positive productive messages? No, I think crazy talented Bruno Mars and Gustavo Dudamel's inner city orchesta kids sent the kind of message that society can benefit and soak up more joy from than an espousal of violence and deviant behavior. Come on now.

I so agree that Beyonce won the weekend. Formation isn't for me (I'm white/middle class), and it shouldn't have to be. It has awesome power and is worthy of respect. She looked great out there and it's cool to see her using her platform to bring awareness to something she cares about (particularly something that is such a big deal, to be clear: black lives matter.)

I'm so proud of her! The nature of the conversation her song and performance sparked is greatly needed in today's society. I think SNL nailed it with their Skit, "The Day Beyonce Turned Black." The reaction by conservatives (to put it nicely) to her performance was so ridiculous and OTT (there is even a protest on tomorrow) that it deserved to be called out.

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