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The Brief: Apparently Millennials and Joan of Arc Have a Lot in Common

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Gimme a Break

You should never call a millennial lazy, but you can call them martyrs. A new study by Project Time Off has found that millennials make up the biggest group of “work martyrs” which means they are unwilling to take their vacation days each year because they would rather it look like they are working all the time. But, as we all know, just cause you stay at the office the latest, it doesn’t mean you are the most productive. “Nearly half (48%) of millennials think it is a good thing to be seen as a work martyr by the boss, far outpacing the average (39%), Gen Xers (39%), and Boomers (32%),” The Work Martyr’s Cautionary Tale report states. “Millennial workers also want to be seen that way by their colleagues in greater numbers. Thirty-five percent of millennials agree it is good to be seen as a work martyr by their colleagues, compared to 26 percent of Generation X, and 20 percent of Boomers.” But, at the same time, there is a legit fear spread amongst the millennials that it is a very tough economy so if they are lucky enough to have a job they want to appear to be very committed. This apparently translates to taking no vacation days. The study found that millennials are the most likely generation to forfeit time off, even though they earn the least amount of vacation days. Twenty-four percent of millennials either forfeited days or do not even know if they forfeited days last year, compared to just 19 percent of Generation X and 17 percent of Boomers. (Related: 12 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Money On)

Whistle While You Work

If there is a task you don’t want to do like maybe writing an annoying email or doing your taxes, you will probably find yourself doing about anything else to put it off. Suddenly washing the dishes or getting a pap smear sounds really fun. However, if you want to get your most dreaded tasks out of the way, the next time you are in a great mood, do them then. A study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the happier you feel, the more likely you are to do the most annoying chores. The researchers found that a person who is in an unhappy mood will do something to change that like exercise or get a drink, but if a person is in a cheery mood already they may try to get some stuff done around the house. You’ll be just as jazzed as those mice in Cinderella or pretty much any of the woodland creatures in Disney films that end up doing domestic work. (Related: 6 Reasons You’re Less Productive in the Summer)

Night Pains

Hate your morning commute? It’s crowded, long and full of germs (cold season is just around the corner after all.) Well good news. Your body is better at fending off diseases in the morning. According to University of Cambridge researchers we can be 10 times more susceptible to illness after nightfall than in the morning. Basically our immune system responds differently throughout the day. So in your morning commute you are Wonder Woman, but if you leave the office late you basically turn into Beth from Little Women (why did she hold that crying baby? Why Claire Danes? Why?!) Perhaps spring for an Uber once in a while for the commute home? Or take a bike? Maybe a horse and carriage? Or just a bubble that rolls? (Related: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From People on The Subway)

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