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The Best Reason To Give Your Boss When You Need a Vacation

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Just say you're doing it for gender equality. Seriously. 

A new survey, conducted by Project: Time Off, found that Millennial women take less vacation time than their male counterparts. In a poll of over 7,000 individuals, only 44 percent of young women were using all their vacation days compared to 55 percent of young men.  

It's easy to show the difference in salary between men and women. For every dollar a man makes, a woman only makes about 80 cents. Women are much less likely to be promoted. Only 60% of women aspire to CEO and executive-level roles in their field, while 72% of men pursue those leadership roles. What many of us don’t consider, though, is the difference in time off on the job. We all need a little self-care to survive, but clearly, we're not prioritizing it enough.

This isn't just about relaxing on some beach somewhere, it's about taking care of your mental and physical health. Multiple studies have shown that time off can decrease your risk of heart problems, stress, and depression. What's more—taking a vacation can also help increase your productivity when you're back at work. 

So what’s the lesson here? First supervisors and board members must work to ensure that women feel supported enough in their position to take a day off. A balanced task load can positively contribute to the overall morale among staff. Next, women have an opportunity to abdicate themselves from unnecessary burdens. If the hours are accrued, they need to get used!

It is so important that we recognize all the ways gender inequality can manifest itself, and how little actions in our daily can add up to bigger changes. In other words, you deserve a vacation, so take it!

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