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The Ultimate Apps for Your Work Style

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If you’ve taken our Thinking Talents Quiz, then you know you naturally think and work in a way that’s unique to you. Maybe you see things in terms of numbers and logic, or maybe you think with feelings and relationships in mind. After all, each one of us is wired differently. So if that’s the case, why should we use the same tools?

Answer: We shouldn’t. Download one of these handy dandy apps—available to both iPhone and Android users—to help you work how you work best.

If You’re an Analytic Thinker

  • Priority Matrix (iPhone, Android) – Arrange your to-do list items graphically with Priority Matrix. Is this task critical and urgent? Put it in the “do now” quadrant. Critical but not so urgent? File it away in the “do later” quadrant. $8.25/month.
  • Roambi Analytics (iPhone, Android) – This app helps data-minded analytic thinkers look at facts and figures in a new and dynamic way: When you input a spreadsheet, Roambi Analytics transforms it into an interactive chart or graph. Free.

If You’re an Innovative Thinker

  • Timeful (iPhone) – As an innovative thinker, you’re constantly dreaming up new personal and professional projects. This app will help you find time for them all: Simply enter the tasks you hope to complete and let Timeful schedule them for you based on your available time, location, and most productive hours of the day. (Have no fear, Android users: Google just acquired Timeful and plans to integrate it into Google Apps.) Free.
  • Skitch (iPhone, Android) – Ever find yourself struggling to clearly explain your ideas via email? Skitch helps you get your point across visually by marking up photos with annotations, shapes, and sketches. Free.

If You’re a Procedural Thinker

  • (iPhone, Android) – Sometimes you just crave a plain and simple to-do list. Use this app to create and organize daily lists, set reminders, and delegate tasks. Free.
  • Toggl (iPhone, Android) – As a procedural thinker, you’re already über-aware of the importance of time management. By tracking exactly how long you spend on each project you tackle, Toggl helps you to even better analyze how you spend your time and how you could improve. Free.

If You’re a Relational Thinker

  • Quip (iPhone, Android) – From shared task lists to chat threads on documents, Quip is all about collaborating—just like relational thinkers. We hear this app is also used by the teams behind Instagram, Quora, and Facebook, so make like Mark Zuckerberg and give it a try. Free.
  • Weave (iPhone, Android) – Think Tinder, but for a more, um, professional form of networking. Swipe right to start conversations with local, like-minded professionals. Free.

Photo: Mark Bowden / Getty Images

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