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The 10 *worst* decisions I’ve made in this decade (and how I course corrected)

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There are periods of time that can feel like an eternity and yet, feel like no time at all. They pass in a blink, a single blink that ushers in an entire lifetime of change, of goodness, of missteps, and of clarity. And there’s nothing like connecting the dots in reverse to remind you that all those moments spent anxious, spent worrying, spent freaking-the-fuck-out were actually getting you to exactly and precisely where you need to be.

It’s my favorite thing about reflecting, actually. When we take time to look back, we actually prove to ourselves that shit cannot kill us (unless it does). And that every day is worth fighting for and that most worries are not.

I’m always the first person to lay the real shit down, because I think...

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