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#TalkPay Reveals What People Really Make at Apple, Google, and More

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Today is International Worker’s Day, and one woman is making it her personal mission to break ”down the social taboo surrounding people’s pay.” Lauren Voswinkel, a senior software developer from Pittsburgh, is encouraging everyone to share their pay on Twitter using the hashtag #talkpay, and people are really taking action.

Men and women from companies big and small are being completely honest about what they earn, which will hopefully shed some light on the pay gap that still exists today. Imagine going into a negotiation for a new job with this kind of info in your arsenal… It can build your confidence, give you proof for what you’re asking, and bring honesty into the job market overall. Read on for some insight in what people really make at some of the top companies.

1. Apple

#talkpay Visual Interaction Designer at Apple, started w/ $84k + benefits from transferring teams; ended at $87k + RSU (never vested)

— ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ (@jina) May 1, 2015

2. Google

At Goog, as of last July when I left: senior SWE, Bay Area, 8 years experience, $156k salary, roughly $100k stock, $32k bonus. #talkpay — Kelly Ellis (@justkelly_ok) May 1, 2015

3. Salesforce

#talkpay Senior Product Designer at Salesforce started at $140k + benefits + RSUs, then $150k + more RSUs, now $157,500. — ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ (@jina) May 1, 2015

4. Buffer

Cool to see the #talkpay movement! Our salaries at Buffer: Working on updating this process now & will share it, too! — Buffer (@buffer) May 1, 2015

5. PayPal

So to #talkpay I’m a node.js Developer for PayPal with 20 years experience (open source) in Boston. — $160k — Aria Stewart (@aredridel) May 1, 2015

6. Wedding Lovely

I’ve been making $20k/year or less from @WeddingLovely, and freelance design or development for $100-$150/hr. #talkpay — Tracy Osborn (@limedaring) May 1, 2015

7. Samsung

#talkpay 2013 Senior Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics Suwon office, 6y experience. Worked on Rust. 95M KRW = $88k/yr. — Seo Sanghyeon (@sanxiyn) May 1, 2015

8. Facebook

#talkpay DM “$130s + bonus/stock for E4 at Facebook. Bachelors cs. 6 year exp. cishet wm.”

— Forrest L Norvell (@othiym23) May 1, 2015

9. Yahoo

#talkpay $9.50 – $11.50/hr tech support 1998-2002 ~$0 selling Electrolux $32-38k tech support 2003-5 $45k first dev job $70k yahoo 2006 … — THAT isaac (@izs) May 1, 2015

10. Squarespace

#talkpay Squarespace (2006—2013) Started at $48k, no benefits, working remote. Ending salary $105k, perks, best insurance in industry.

— Krystyn (@krystynheide) May 1, 2015

Photo: Adam Berry / Getty Images

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