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Suggestions From Women In Tech On Staying In Tech

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Over the course of the Fall, I’ve had the opportunity to take the #BYDN book tour to a number of hackathons, tech conferences (including #GHC17 #WITSCO), plus co-working spaces and other events where startups, founders, innovators aggregate. Conversations big and small. It has allowed me to re-engage with the innovation economy (since I took a step when own author-as-entrepreneur journey began in 2015) — and while I’m encouraged by what I see and the people I’m interacting with, I still find myself asking some of the same questions….if the best career opportunities right now (let alone in the future) are in technology, what will it take to get more women to stay in tech?

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Networking Mentorship Women in Tech Career Advice #Tech

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Sometimes women get underestimated, but there is only so much resentment that a woman can take. I think we have all seen women making success and progress in the business. However, technological development has jumped far and we need the specialist to rule this process. I think that for a woman to get into a tech company would be a huge success and s chance for her to show off her achievements and skills. I think I would better start on my resume and look at the top IT resume review to find the best service to tailor the resume for my future IT career.

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