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Study: If Your Boss Has A Daughter, You Will Make More Money

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If your male boss is having a baby in the near future, you should hope it is going to be a girl. According to new research, the gender of a male CEO’s children is significantly linked to the salary of his employees. The research shows that this is especially beneficial to women but men seem to get the short end of the stick in this scenario.

From The Wall Street Journal:

In general, when a male chief executive has a baby, his workers’ salaries shrink by 0.2%, or about $100, per year. That decline is driven by a 0.4% drop if the child is a son, according to the study of almost 1,600 births to more than 18,000 male CEOs at 10,655 private companies in Denmark between 1996 and 2006.

But if the CEO has a baby girl, all is well! Basically, it’s like the opposite of all those fairytales (and English royal history) where if the queen had a baby girl she was basically told her life was worthless because she couldn’t produce a male heir (remember how rough it got in The Other Boleyn Girl? Anne Boleyn optioned for incest in an attempt to have a baby boy.) But now having a baby girl helps women get more money! According to the study, employees’ wages actually go up after the delivery of a first-born daughter. Female employees may see their salary grow by 1.1%, compared with a 0.6% gain for male employees. And even if the CEO has a boy, female salaries go up 0.8% while male’s actually go down 0.5%.

The researchers think this female employee salary increase may be a result of male employees becoming more paternal which results in a slight change of attitude towards female employees. So it looks like the more little girls in the world the better.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Young Photography

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