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3 Steps To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

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Spring is here and that means one thing–t’s time to clean up that closet of yours. Spring cleaning your closet is not just about throwing out items you don’t wear anymore–it’s about trying to curate your closet with intention. This means that you have to really take time to hone in on your style, your body type and your ideal wardrobe. Here are three tips that I’ve used in my own life to help simplify and spruce up my closet.

1. Define Your Style

How would you describe your day and night style? Are you a trendsetter or a laidback dresser? By figuring out who, what and where you want to dress for, you’ll be able to edit your closet better. For instance, I freelance and find myself meeting with clients maybe two times a week. Therefore, having a closet full of business professional or party outfits isn’t necessary for me.

Another important factor about defining your style is to really focus on your body type and what clothes will flatter your shape. There’s a sense of comfort and joy when you’re in an outfit that fits you perfectly, so keep that in mind when you look through your closet. Watch out for patterns, sizes and shapes that leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

A great way to help you define your style is to create a Pinterest board full of fashion inspiration you love. Once you’ve got a full board, take a step back and find some things in common between your pins. Did you pin a lot of neutral colors? Were most of your pins prints or patterns? Did you gravitate towards certain fabrics (cotton, silk, linen)? Take note of your style choices and keep them in mind for the next few steps.

2. Make Room In Your Wardrobe

Now that you’ve defined your style, it’s time to make room in your wardrobe for pieces that fit your aesthetic. Not only will cleaning out your closet make room for new items, but it’ll also save you time when choosing outfits. You’ll be less likely to say “I have nothing to wear!” since your closet will be full of items that fit you and your personal style.

To start, make three piles for clothing to throw out, donate, or consign/sell based off of the following criteria:

a) If it still has a price tag, consign it.

b) If it’s too small or too big, either donate or consign it.

c) If it has holes, stains or is too faded, trash it.

d) If you’ve worn it in college or high school, donate it.

e) If you have duplicates of it, donate or consign it.

f) If you look at it and realize you’d never buy it present day, then donate or consign it.

Be sure to stick to your gut feelings while you make your closet edit. You’ll be so much happier in the long run when you open your closet and find options and choices that you actually want to wear.

3. Time To Go Shopping!

Now that you’ve cleared out some room in your closet, it’s time to invest in key pieces. Think quality over quantity. Invest in quality material or pieces that have a strong structure and build to last you throughout the years. Your attitude and how you carry yourself is much different when you invest in higher quality pieces, like a silk blouse from Everlane compared to a Forever 21 polyester blouses. If cost is an issue, try to make yourself a monthly clothing budget. The feeling of saving up and splurging on something that catches your eye is so worth it!

Now that you’ve curated your closet with intention, remember your vision and method throughout each season. Be honest with your style and body type, and invest in key pieces that will last you for a longer period of time. You’ll realize that with a curated closet, your time to get ready in the morning is cut in half, and the clothing you do wear will give you a natural air of confidence and security.

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