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SO scared…paralyzed with worry…deep guilt…and other crap we all face.

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Who said life needed to always feel good? Yet so much of that is exactly what we expect. And when we expect only the good feels, we hold no space for the bad ones and do ANYTHING possible to shut them out. Hard.

Because if we feel scared, or anxious, or worried, or depressed, or guilty, or confused, or lost, or unsure…that means we’re doing something wrong, right?

No. Feeling all the crap simply means we’re feeling. And it most likely means we’re human. And that we’re showing up for this life.

My year didn’t start out on cloud 9. It got there, but it sure didn’t start there. Rather, walking into this year…I felt worried. I had trepidation for some things on the horizon. I was scared about some changes. I was doubty of my abilities. I...

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