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7 Signs You’re an Office Mom

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There are many kinds of office roles we take on: the Office Baby, Office Grinch, Office Spouse and of course, the Office Mom. The Office Mom is one of the most important figures in the work environment, especially at a small company. The Wall Street Journal‘s Katherine Rosman recently remarks upon this pivotal role. She writes:

“The office mom is almost always a woman and often slightly older than other colleagues. She might actually be a mother, but not necessarily. A relationship with her is complex like all family relationships tend to be: A younger employee might want to please her professionally, even as she grits her teeth listening to her personal advice.”

Based on this analysis, we decided to provide you with a benchmark to determine whether or not you are the Office Mom. Here are seven signs you’re an Office Mom:

1. You remember everyone’s birthdays: You are a walking calendar and you always know who is going to be out on vacation.

2. You basically could run an HR department: At smaller companies, you may actually be doing the same job as someone in an HR department.

3. You are a walking first aid kit: You are actually the person who has a band-aid and Advil. My gosh, you may even have a heating pad!

4. You are the decorating committee: Every baby and bridal shower and anniversary and retirement party is your baby. And these parties aren’t just a piece of cake and a card; these are full, blown-out parties with decorations and elaborate surprises and cupcake towers that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

5. You actually have an extra pair of pantyhose: You have all those things that everyone always needs and tells themselves they are going to buy but then never does, like safety pins, bobby pins, nail polish remover, etc.

6. Everyone comes to you for relationship advice: Without even trying you have become the Oprah of relationship advice in your office.

7. You actually know where the stapler is: The office stapler is like an urban legend: People aren’t sure if it actually exists. But as the Office Mom, you know exactly where it is. You’re like a super hero, but instead of a cape, you have an office cardigan.

What are some other Office Mom behaviors you know of? Share with us in the comments!

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