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Should You Include Your Blog On Your Resume?

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We are definitely in an era where a ton of people have blogs about their lives, personal interests, and other topics. Starting and maintaining a blog shows commitment, and anyone who has been updating one for years knows it takes a ton of time. That being said, blogging is usually not someone’s primary job, and so the question often comes up… should I include my blog on my resume?

On one hand, it should be impressive that you’ve created one and maintained it (and have a big readership?), but on the other hand, it could seem like you’re not 100 percent invested in the other (primary) jobs you’ve held. As always (I know, I know) it’s not a black and white answer. The answer is sometimes.

I fully realize there are a lot of people out there would straight up say, “No, don’t ever include your blog,” but in some cases, I feel that doing so can make you a stronger candidate. Here are my guidelines on when you should include your personal blog on your resume:

Include your blog on your resume if…

  • The overall presentation, formatting, theme (just the way it looks in general) comes off as professional and polished, even if someone were to not read a single word. If you started up the blog a year ago and still haven’t gotten around to branding it, you might want to think twice. The first impression just based on looks alone is a very important one (shallow, I know!).
  • The content is mostly geared towards a topic or theme (vs. personal) and you are knowledgeable in the area.
  • You have a proven following who considers you an “expert” on the topic you are blogging about. The audience itself isn’t so important. However, having a following of readers is a good “gut check” which could indicate whether your interviewer or resume reviewer will also find you to be a reliable source.
  • You’ve been working on the blog for a significant amount of time. Showcasing a blog you started last week will not have an impressive amount of content and doesn’t necessarily show any dedication to it. Wait to include your blog until you know you are sticking with it for the long haul.
  • It makes you a stronger candidate for the job you are applying for. If your blog is related to the job you are applying for (and meets the other criteria above) it will likely make you a stronger candidate.

Leave your blog off your resume if…

    • Your blog contains mostly personal information. You always want to keep your resume and what you talk about in an interview very, very professional. Therefore, really think about if you want your interviewer reading about what you ate for breakfast or did on Saturday night. I especially want to call attention to blogs with lots of photos of yourself – whether they be pictures from your personal life or you posing for your own blog, be aware that it can come across as a little unprofessional if not done in the right way.
    • You feel like your blog is good, but not great. You want to put your best foot forward on your resume, so if you feel like your blog is decent but you’re not 100 percent proud of it yet, consider waiting to include it. If a resume reader sees a blog listed on a resume, they’re probably going to go read it.
    • It’s about a topic that would not be considered appropriate for work (enough said).
    • Many other reasons—Honestly, most of the time, you probably should not include your blog on your resume. I can’t list (or even think of) all of the reasons here, but the more material you share with a recruiter or interviewer, the more they can find that they don’t like.

I know that sounds terrible, and I wouldn’t want someone to make a judgment of me based on something I worked really hard on and cared about, but you want to save most of your “first impression” for your in-person interview, and not give too much away online.

If you are on the fence about including your blog for any of the reasons above, I’d say skip it. Unfortunately, unless you really have achieved success through blogging, it’s difficult for some interviewers to see the value. Worse, it can make you seem less focused on your day job.

If you do decide to include your blog (because it is awesome, professional, and aligned with the job you are interviewing for), I would generally suggest putting it in an “additional experience” section versus in the section with your primary roles you’ve held (unless, of course, it was your primary role) and be sure to include any big accomplishments (i.e. readership, awards won, etc.). There are exceptions for this but you still want to lead with your actual full-time jobs and have any additional pieces of your resume (blog included) be secondary.

Would you include your blog on your resume? Tell us in the comments!

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Great topic to cover. I think it's becoming more common for people (myself included) to maintain more professional hobbies and side projects but it's always tough to know how much of it to share with new and/or existing employers.

I'm lucky in that my blog helped me get my current position, but I think it would have been pointless to include it on my resume for my past jobs. It really depends upon the company and position opening, but if a job description stresses communication I do like to include my blog. With so much business now being done through email good writing skills are necessity. However, it can be hard to showcase good writing skills and I feel that my blog is an excellent showcase for my skill set.

I've wondered about this! Thanks for the useful advice.

Great article! As a freelance writer, I have both personal and professional blogs, and I send both links with my resume. They are both drastically different, and I like to showcase the various ways I can write. However, even I watch how personal I get in my personal blog because it's not for everyone. Thanks!

Depends on the job! I recently applied for a job in retail and included my style blog on my resume and HR told me that I stood out the most because of my blog. I got the job!

Such a great topic. I actually just had an interview last Wednesday, in which I included my blog on the resume. When I met with HR she had it pulled up. The position was related to being a blogger/socially savvy, and I think it gave me an advantage.

I often think about this, and have included my blog on my resume depending on the job. My happy medium is including some of my favorite posts as writing samples when asked. That way I get to showcase my voice but in a format that the job prefers.

A great topic to cover! I think this is a tough question for anyone with a blog since it can be really hard to determine whether or not it's appropriate or applicable to the job they're applying to. I don't always include my blog (I think it's good but not great) but try to slip it into the conversation.

I'm in the process of applying to jobs right now and because I was applying for one specific social media position I included my blog on my resume. This company saw my blog and immediately brought me in for an interview as their business aligned pretty closely with what I write about on my blog. They offered me a job, but during the interview and in the job offer letter made a huge deal about how I was to have absolutely nothing to do with my blog during working hours. I found it really awkward because yes, I know how to "work" during working hours but also because during the interview they asked if I'd be willing to give up my blog ... when that blog is the reason they wanted me in the first place. I ultimately did not take the position because I didn't want them to ask me to give up the blog again at a later date.

This is a topic that I am constantly wondering about. I've heard so many different things from different sources that seem reliable but this was some great advice! Thank you.

I do include my blog in my resume, mostly because it is a professional blog. I include my area of expertise, that is what I blog about and I even have a copy of my resume on the blog.

I recently got feedback on that from a potential employer. They started by saying they went over my Resume and loved it, then went to my LinkedIn and were also impressed - then she mentioned a co-worker scoured by blog and was thoroughly impressed. I definitely feel like adding my blog contributed to their overall positive impression with me.

Great post Jaime!


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Great and informative post. One could include their blog on a separate resume specifically for a social media position or add it as additional experience. I'm leaning more towards the second option.

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Arnold here from If you are applying for a writing post, I would recommend including your blogs in your resume. I've done it before and it really did work.

Also, you may try reading some blog from resumeprofessional if you want to read some interesting topics on resume writing or career related ones.


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Best regards,

Thanks for the advice, Arnold. I also do this type of activity in my resume. Interesting to see that we're the same.

Great blogs! Really helpful articles.

Some people write a resume as if the purpose of the document was to land a job. As a result they end up with a really long and boring piece that makes them look like desperate job hunters. The objective of your resume is to land an interview, and the interview will land you the job.

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Hi Anonymous! (hope I can call you something else LOL)
Thanks for this link
but I'm thinking of having my resume done professionally anyway, so that's that. Thanks again. XO
P.s. can't update my Levo profile. wonder why that is.

try this website as well...
they have a lot of samples for resumes. it makes it easier for you to choose. btw, just change your name in the edit profile part.

I have a tumblr that I have been updating for 2 years. It's 98% reblogs. I get followers thanks to my aesthetics and the poetry I reblog.

How can I use this to land a social media job? I also have inbound marketing certification though Hubspot.

Great article! Communicating online is an extremely important skill and what better way to show that you're fluent online than by including your blog on your resume. I agree that the blog must demonstrate skills and strengths relevant to the position to which you're applying. For more resume help, check out the ResumeSpice website:

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