“I want to travel the world.”

Achieving my goal of traveling the world might appear unrealistic to some, especially when 897,259 people with similar ambitions are also in pursuit. Yet I am determined and dedicated to making this dream a reality. When I first set out on this mission, I doubted how feasible it was; “How can someone like me who earns barely enough money achieve such an expensive goal?”, were among my thoughts. But now that these steps are underway, embarking on my journey is no longer just a fantasy:


To see the world on a budget, you have to start here. I must always keep my goals in mind when making decisions and taking steps forward; undoubtedly requiring certain sacrifices. My personal money-saving tip is this: When having to prioritize two factors, consider both effort and impact. If an activity requires little energy but results in a substantial gain, then it’s easier to make that sacrifice!

The Art of Simple Living

As I saved for my inaugural international journey, I had to refrain from the urge of buying new Levi’s or getting a brand-new iPhone. Instead, I carefully noted all fixed expenses (rent and bills) and variable costs (dining out, movie nights, online purchases), then clearly distinguished between what was absolutely necessary versus nonessential items. Believe me when I say that it amazes how little you in reality need as opposed to what you think is essential!

Stay Focused

We know achieving our goals isn’t easy; there are always going to be interruptions, criticisms of your hard work, and more. It’s critical that you stay confident in the steps leading toward it. Refuse to give up like a dog with its bone! After crunching some numbers I was able to determine how much savings I would need – so far, I’ve managed 30 percent of what’s needed and am committed to powering through the remaining 70 percent.

At the Finish Line

Every penny saved and every luxury forgone will be worth it in the end when I am able to explore distant lands, mingle with locals, taste unique flavors of food and make lifelong memories. After all, life is like an open book for those who travel—so why limit oneself to just a single page?

Are you accumulating funds for a getaway? Where are you planning to go and what measures have you taken to save up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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