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Recruit a Village

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Tribe, squad, crew—whatever you call the collection of people in your life that hold you accountable and lift you up, we all need them. I call mine my village and this week I had the opportunity to dance, laugh, and cry with many of them at BETs Leading Women Defined experience in Miami. They all greeted me with a big hug and congrats for releasing Drop the Ball, but then the conversations got uncomfortable. Michelle put her hand on her hip and said, "Why haven't I heard from you? We all want to support you but it's your responsibility to let us know what you need." Adrian put one of her palms on each of my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes: "You have lost too much weight and you look exhausted." Even as a woman who has learned to embrace imperfection it was hard to admit to my village that things weren't going as perfectly as every press hit or social media post would make it seem. After three days of beach strategy sessions (and some serious sleep catch up) they helped me put a plan in place, including text reminders from them to ensure I stay on track. Do you need a village? Join or start a Lean In Circle. And if you need a reminder from yours truly just ping me on Twitter and I'll DM you on the day you request. We're all in this together. ⁠ 


#Empowerment Tiffany Dufu Drop the Ball
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