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Put on Some Pants Because More and More Companies Are Ending WFH Jobs

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In a workspace made more flexible than ever by technology, more and more people are working from home--but your boss probably isn't happy about it.

According to a Wall Street Journal piece entitled "The Boss Wants You Back in the Office," massive corporations such as Best Buy and Reddit have "ended or reduced remote-work arrangements" due to managers "demand[ing] more collaboration, closer contact with customers, and more control over the workday."

It appears as though the work-from-home trends have been waning, with less remote workers this year (22 percent) than in past years (24 percent in 2015). But this introduces a whole new struggle: coming back to the office after years of working remotely.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, returning to the office can be "terrifying," and it can be difficult to be productive in the confines of an office after being used to working from home. However, companies are still tightening the reins on remote work--especially during periods of "turmoil and reinvention," according to Ken Matos, vice president of research at Life Meets Work.

"Leaders often say 'I like my co-located team better than my [remote] team, but the work gets done just as well," he told WSJ.

However, programs like Best Buy's work-from-home program "complicated tasks like scheduling meetings," according to company spokesman Jeff Shelman. "There was no control," he said about the program that ended in 2013. "Managers didn't have the tools to do their jobs."

Nab that remote position while you still can.

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