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Psst: Here’s *Exactly* How to Refresh Your Work Wardrobe This Fall

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Time flies, seasons change, and wardrobes grow. So, what’s a girl to do? We’ve talked about wardrobe maintenance before, but today we want to take a few minutes to share how we transition our wardrobe between seasons.

1. Take inventory.

You buy a pair of shoes on sale, and then your best friend gives you that gorgeous dress for your birthday. By the time summer is over, you’ve probably added quite a few new pieces to your wardrobe. So, take stock of what you actually own. Then compare it to your list (or Pinterest board!) of wants and needs. This will give you an accurate illustration of what you own and what you’d like to have before we move on to the next steps.

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2. Learn to let go.

You hear about wardrobe purges all the time, but it’s one thing to talk about it and an entirely different matter to actually do it. Because y’all, it is hard to throw away clothes you paid money for, the dress that you had that great first date in, the sweater your husband got you for Christmas, or the pair of shoes that were with you all through law school. But, you’ll have a much easier time getting dressed in the morning when you only have to choose from what you are certain to wear and love wearing!

Here’s how we do it:

  • Start small. Get rid of the seasonal items you didn’t wear at all this last season. So, if this summer you didn’t wear that sundress from college, you probably won’t wear it next summer again. Chuck it.
  • If it doesn’t fit, fix it or let go. The pre-25 pounds skinny jeans may be a good motivation for you to get in shape, but if you’re hoarding multiple items that don’t fit, do pass them on to someone else who will actually wear them! However, if the piece is a tad bit loose, get it tailored—the point is to make sure you’re actually wearing what’s in your wardrobe, not waiting for a day in the future when hopefully it will fit. Tough love, ladies!
  • Revaluate your style. People change, and we’re strong believers that your style should change accordingly. Granted, most of us settle into a style as we get older, but there are still small nuances that tend to shift in our lives. For example, if you discover you’re more into flats now instead of heels, then it’s time to let go of some of the heels you haven’t worn in years, and instead invest in a few classic pairs of flats.

3. Pass it on.

Now you’ve packed up a few bags full of clothes and accessories that you want to let go of. There are a few options: (1) donate, (2) swap clothes with a friend, or (3) sell them. There are lots of places to donate clothes, and sometimes you can even get a tax deductible receipt, so do a good deed and pass those jeans on to someone else! Or, if you prefer, you can host a girls night and ask your friends to bring their “let go” items—then swap amongst yourselves and donate the extras! Finally, selling clothes online is easier than ever! From ebay to Istagram, those designer duds that you bought years ago but rarely wear may just jumpstart your next designer purchase!

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4. Be your own stylist.

As you’re cleaning out your closet, take some time to mix and match what you have in your closet for possible new outfit combinations. This will quickly show you what items you tend to steer towards, which ones don’t ever make the cut, and finally, it will make getting dressed for the next few weeks so much easier. Just remember, if you find an outfit combination you love, snap a photo on your phone for future reference!

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5. Pack away the out-of-season pieces.

Again, to make getting dressed more efficient in the morning, it’s important to keep your closet clutter-free and organized. To do so, pack away the items that are strictly out of season. For example, you won’t need your winter coats in the spring and summer, so make room in your closet for the sundresses.

This article was originally published on House of Marbury.

Photo: Unsplash/ Pixabay

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