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Proving Yourself for the Performance Review

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It’s performance review season! For many of us, this can be a stress-inducing experience, but really those key performance reviews can serve as a huge opportunity for growth and development.

Last year, I walked into my supervisor’s office holding my breath. I’d been told repeatedly that information on my performance review would “not be news to me,” but that still didn’t wash away the lingering stress. I sat down in the chair across the desk from my supervisor and she started with, “I actually had to change your performance review score from ‘meets expectations’ to ‘exceeds expectations’. I had forgotten about everything you did this year!”

Until that moment, I thought the self-evaluation my employer required was annoying and monotonous....

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First, I love that a dark skinned Black woman with natural hair is in the photo as one of the professionals. Infinite heart emojis.

Second, I read the rest of the article on BossedUp and it definitely lines up with my better performance review experiences. The tangible examples bullet resonated with me specifically because in an industry where numbers are everything, it actually lessens credibility to reference abstract accomplishments. This reminded me of the SMART goals acronym.

Anyhow, cheers love. Well done.

Helen Watson
Helen Watson

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