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How To Power Dress: Lessons From TVs Fiercest Female Lawyers

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Meet our three best-dressed TV lawyers. They're strong, smart and sharp-witted - and through it all, realistically or not, they've worn killer power clothes. From amazing heels to designer suits to to-die-for chunky necklaces, we profile our favorite TV lawyers and their amazing style. While we recognize it's unfair to hold ourselves to the TV female standards of perfect hair, perfect make-up and stylist-chosen, wrinkle-free suits, we know we can still gain inspiration and ideas from the women below. And there is one thing we can definitely take away from their power dress: their power attitudes posed in the photos below!

The Neutral Goddess:

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal

Scandal's costume designer Lyn Paolo was recently quoted in an interview about Kerry's style: "So often in TV and movies when a woman is playing a strong leadership role, they kind of end up getting dressed in very dark structured suits. My idea was this woman would always be in lighter tones. That way she stands out in the male-dominated world." Think about how classic a peach blouse, tan peacoat, or cream dress can be, without blending into the crowd too much. Great tips year round, but especially to take advantage of these last few weeks of summer!

The Suit Master:

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson on Suits

Looking for a fashion muse at your uber conservative firm? Look no further than Gina Torres on the (aptly named) show Suits. As the boss on the show (the law firm on Suits is called Pearson Harden, after her character!), she's always quite formal. Yet, this power woman knows how to rock a pants suit. On the importance of "suiting up," Gina stated in an interview on "Guest of a Guest": "I believe that it says you actually care about yourself and your appearance...I think really "suiting up" at its best is infusing your being with a sense of pride."

The Color Connoisseur:

Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife

Julianna is always dressed conservatively, yet she has found a way to integrate bold colors into the usually muted legal wardrobe. According to, she is most known for her "jackets in bold red, purple and Calvin Klein, Brioni and Max Mara." The stylist on "The Good Wife," Daniel Lawson, has received so much interest in her style choices that he is frequently interviewed on radio and TV and maintains a regular "Style Watch" column at, where he talks about the wardrobe choices of each episode. Color in the courtroom? By choosing appropriate necklines and hemlines, you too can master a pop of color next time you're arguing a case!

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