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'Orange is the New Black' Star Diane Guerrero Has a New, Very Important Gig

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When she's not busy being a fantastic actress in Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin, Diane Guerrero is busy changing the world. Currently, she's working on establishing a Smithsonian museum devoted to Latino history and culture.

In her memoir published last year, Guerrero said that her mother, father, and brother were all deported to Colombia when she was just a teen. She said that her idea for a Latino museum came from from a discussion with friends over coffee.

"We’re actually really angry," she told The Washington Post. "We’re like, ‘Where’s the Latino museum? Where’s our history? Where can we go with our families to learn about our history?'...Our stories are intertwined in the history of our country."

Sen. Bob Menendez and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are working with Guerrero to push Congress to creat ethe museum. "Since the dawn of our democracy, Hispanic Americans have been an indisputable part of American history and new chapters of that history are written every day," Menendez said, according to USA Today. "[The museum should be] right where it belongs, on the National Mall, beside the Native American Museum, the African American Musseum."

"This is the kind of stuff me and my friends talk about. We sit around and drink coffee and we’re really angry: We’re like, ‘Where’s the Latino Museum?'" Guerrero said at a news conference at the Capitol, according to USA Today. "Where can we go with our families, where can we go with our friends to learn about our history?"

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