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New Year, New Levo League: Details on Our Latest Look and Features

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We are so incredibly excited for you to meet Levo 2.0! (Can you believe it’s almost been a year since March 20, 2012, when Levo 1.0 came to life?)

To all of you who have participated in our focus groups, responded to our surveys, sent us e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages expressing your opinion about Levo and what you would like to see next, this is for you. (And by the way, we read every last one of your messages. And print some of them, too, for a lift on those nights where coding has the team up until 2 a.m. or WordPress is being a jerk again.)

You will notice that your visual environment has changed. We hope for the better. We listened to your feedback about Levo League feeling like a safe place with real people behind it, and we never want to lose that. We are real people, and we wake up every single day and ask ourselves: How can we use technology to democratize the elements of success? How do we encourage our peers to ask for more responsibility, throw hats in the resume ring for that dream job, and reach out to that seemingly ever-elusive mentor? How do we make that as easy as 1-2-3, in a visual environment that should be reminiscent of the best the Internet has to offer? How do we replicate the pleasure you feel when you experience visually stunning inspiration boards online? We want you to feel that here, too — because our careers and our lives are increasingly one, and we should be having fun throughout the journey.

We have done our best to bring this spirit of openness, honesty and optimism to the forefront of Levo 2.0 with our new branding and color scheme. We like the gravitas of a deep plum with a touch of femininity, and for fellow design-thinking junkies, we’ve appended a portion of the brand board we all built together as part of this creative process.

Here the two key points of the new features with this launch:

  • Personalization. Hello writer avatars in the carousel on the top of the homepage! Thank you for all of your tireless stories, advice and generous contributions.
  • Connectivity. The activity feed you see on the left-hand side of pages helps you connect more easily with your fellow members.

And coming soon, we have a February reveal we know is going to ease so many of the pain points we all encounter in the first 10 years of our careers. In March, we also have one of our favorite women taking the stage here at Levo, literally. (Have you bought your copy of her new book yet and e-mailed it to to secure your spot for the event? Time is running out!)

We #levolove you like no other, and we promise to keep tirelessly listening, building, smiling and learning together.

Caroline and Amanda
For Gen Y, by Gen Y

Parting thought: We loved the “up” arrow icon as much as you did, and it will always have a place here. Our new circular icon with the “Levo” wordmark inside aims to evoke the power of the league we are building together. When we unite together to learn from one another (as evoked by the circle that elevates), we kill the learning curve that gives us that “Can I really do this?” feeling. Yes. Yes you can — ignore that little voice in your head that asks you who the hell you think you are to dare to dream.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new look and features! Share them with us in the comments.

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