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Networking Series: 5 tips for writing successful cold emails

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We’re onto our second post in the series on cold emails (read post #1 here).

As I’ve said in the past, a strong and thoughtfully written cold email can only have upside. In the worst case scenario, the recipient sees that it’s from a stranger and deletes it. No harm done. In the best case scenario, someone actually opens your resume, assesses it, and either gives you a call or passes it along to the correct person within the company.

However, this is only if they’re well done. Spammy, careless cold emails can and will hurt you so if you’re going to send cold emails, do it right. The content of that message is a complete reflection of both your communication skills and professionalism.

So what makes a cold email successful? 5 major things...

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Only you can see this list

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David Jones
David Jones

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